New 270 Awning available.


@alia176 you can add the iKamper Exoshell to the 270 list.
only hard case 270 I know of in the USA.

96.5” long
Case is 7” out 6.4” tall
121 sq ft shade


$1750 includes brackets25EE7AEB-F49B-4E06-8FDD-B005FE68E6C7.jpeg4D1F8B32-BBB0-4F4F-A45E-7CF7DE088A41.jpeg45A8BCC3-A125-46D5-A6AD-4224A55CB6A6.jpeg
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Figured it's time to update this list as couple of new additions were added, thank you all for your contributions.

**************************************** 270deg awnings **********************************************

Freespirit Recreation 270
- No poles needed, $1100, closed dim=96", sq ft?, 37lbs :oops: (lightest awning),

iKamper Exoshell 270 - fresstaning but poles included, $1750, closed dim=103", 66lbs, 121sqft, ripstop nylon (may not UV reflective up top, my guess). @shoredreamer has pics on his 80 post #289

BF Campers (Canada) Freestanding up to 25 km/hr, $1,200 CAD$, sq ft? closed dim? (may not UV reflective up top, my guess)

ARC 270 by Roam Adventure company, 56lbs, need poles, 92sq ft, closed dim 90", $1400, ripstop sailcloth, (may not UV reflective up top, my guess)

Campking- Freestanding, Closed dimension 2.3m (91"), 24kg (53lbs), area? Coming from Aust. (maybe UV reflective up top, my guess) Sold by Rhino gear $2500 ,
Roofnest Litewing - 30 or 40 lbs depending on regular or XL model. Coverage is 70 or 100 sqft. The alum case is 7" wide x 8" tall x 100" long. cost is either $1195 or $1295 (XL). Rafters are made of carbon fiber.

Darche Eclipse GEN2
48lbs, 87" length, 124 sqft,$1,299

Doghouse 270 - weight?, 92", sq ft?, $985 CAN

Wraptor 6k -
70lbs ( bracket weight is 5lbs x 3), 88", sq ft?, $849

Wraptor 4K -
61lbs (includes bracket weight 5lbs x 2), 86" length, ?? SQ FT, $800

Alucab Shadow -
24kg/51lbs, 102" length, 100 sqft, $1,500

Rhino Rack Batwing -
47lbs (40# minus brackets), 98" length,115sqft, $800

Rhino Rack Batwing compact -
40lbs, 79" length, 69sqft, $688

OVS Nomadic -
72lbs, 88", 129 sqft, $900

OVS LT (lighter model)
53lbs,, 83" long, 80 sqft, $699

Peregrine 23Zero -
51lbs 88" length, ? sqft, $1,000

Kingsmen 270,
70#, 91" length, 168 sqft, $2,150+4mos lead time

James Baroud 270,
weight?, ? length, ? sqft, $1500 (driver side only)

Bush company 270XT,
61lbs (53# minus brackets),, 90" length, 86 sqft, $1450, no poles are required or provided.

Bush Company 270 MAX,
73lbs (new to the market) 270xt max awning left.html, 90" length, 130 sqft, $1750

Ostrich Wing
57lbs, , 104" length, 120 sqft, $1480, no pole design,

Howling Moon 6 panel awning 2.5m-
38kg/83lbs with reflective material -, 98" length, ? sqft, $1795 AUSD

Howling Moon Swing awning 2.5m,
55lbs,, 98" length, ? sqft, $1390 AUSD,

Quick pitch weathershade 270,
60lb,, 101" length, 161 sqft, $1380

EEziAwn Bat
46lbs,, 95" length, 80sqft, $1300

EEziAwn Manta
50lbs,, 100sqft, $1400

**************************************** 360deg awnings **********************************************

360 Awning - 48lbs (weighed by Shoredreamer), 96" length, $1,400

Bundutec Bunduawn 360 DEG 44lbs, - no pole design 96" length - $1,515, 108" length - $1590, and 116" length
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This thread is immensely helpful! We have a trailer coming from Hiker Trailer later this summer. They offer Rhino Rack but I’d read that some folks don’t like the Rhino Rack Batwing so I decided to shop for an awning separately. That trailer will have a galley in the back with a door that will swing open to the “driver’s side.” So I want a passenger side awning that will have decent coverage over the back. Seems like the Wraptor 4K or the OVS Nomad are my favorite options so far.
Did you ever decide on an awning? Our Hiker should be ready around Feb/Mar.


@alia176 you can add the iKamper Exoshell to the 270 list.
only hard case 270 I know of in the USA.

96.5” long
Case is 7” out 6.4” tall
View attachment 751535
121 sq ft shade


$1750 includes bracketsView attachment 751536View attachment 751537
Might I ask a favor please? Could you give add a third pic on your post of the awning closed up on your 80? It's immensely helpful to see the form factor on the sides of vehicles, at least for me anyway. Thank you sir.


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Thanks to @alia176 for keeping the list updated, and @JMacs for sharing his excel sheet with me. I looked them over for a while, went back and forth between the OverlandPros, FSR, and OVS. Thanks to the BF/CM sales, I finally decided on the OVS 270 Nomadic passenger side mount. Arrived in a week, checked it out and looks/feels solid. I chose OVS for the ability to set up without poles, good coverage, and a 4 year warranty. I won't be able to mount it until Spring unfortunately.

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