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2017 West Coast Trip

This trip is a combination of several trails that have been discussed on the Expo site over the years. I was heading out to the West Coast for a family visit and wanted to include a few trails on the way out and return drive. So I will let the pictures do the talking as I have way too many of those!

The BC - Lytton Ferry ride at 630am after a night and day of driving from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Wild horses on the main road and great views

On the main trail to the Molybdenite Peak trail and no one had mentioned the Grizzly issues yet! I think I will be sleeping in the truck.

Now for the hillside stuff! Looks like fun!

Not sure of the elevation at the Peak but it's definitely an Alpine setting!!!

Ok now back into the treeline and on to the lake…

This is where the fun started, trail had slide down the slope and all that was left was wide enough for me not the truck… I had to back down 430 meters of loose rock and high slopes that were as wide as my truck width. More fun than I needed this late in the day!

Back to the lake and then camping at a lower elevation in the rain!


Then got to spend a few days with my parents on Vancouver island and take a rest from driving and got to ride passenger for the next 800 plus km

Whale Watching from Telegraph Cove was a great little side trip even with all the fog…

Trail to the beach by Cape Scott, well worth the walk for the shoreline scenery

My good karma award for helping a group of ladies that just finished the multiday hike and came back to a dead battery and broken battery terminal. I hope the rest of the trip was problem free! Girl Power- as they helped push it out to get the jumper cables to reach.

After the ferry it was time to go after the view shown in the Colossal Trip Report thread from 2015…


Play time on the way to Radium Hot Springs area..

Then more trail fun

Mine shaft can be seen in the background

Would need aired out tires and a front locker to get higher than this.. Challenge given to the next team to high point my tracks…This is several hundred meters above the mine shaft in elevation

And the view going down

Then on to the main Glacier Trail


Was still interesting on the way down…

Was a great holiday and the side trails shown here added to the whole holiday! Way too much for 8 days in total plus a night for all the highway driving etc. 5145 km in my truck and probably another 800 plus km riding shotgun on the island for three days. A great trip with a few views worth sharing!

I hope the pictures work as Photobucket is now FUBAR and I am trying with Imgur.
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Great pics for sure. Some of those hillside shots with what looks like loose gravel were bordering on Code Brown.


Love your pics, as always! Great report.
Thanks again! Was a great trip and the Xterra handled it all with just a few bumps underneath.

Great pics for sure. Some of those hillside shots with what looks like loose gravel were bordering on Code Brown.
That when it starts to get fun! It rained one night on one of the trails and I had to descend the next day over new rocks that had slid down the slope. Was like driving on wet Marbles for a few moments. Lots of fun! :eek:


Ok another big picture dump from the last bit of 2017, trying to catch up to share in some new stories, Lol I am so out of date with this, sorry guys!

Just a cool shot with the patched up canoe while out on a trip with a work bud using this as a staging area for some canoe fun.

Then a big trip out north of Kenora, ON again looking for new trails…This is part of the main road north

and a side road leading to WCPP which would be an ideal canoe entry point if this was not flooded

More of the main road farther north…

And a late night find for a camp spot off the main road.

Trails are still wet and worried about bogging in the tall grass

Then some canoe fun in the same area off the main roads

my patched wilderness tripper that now holds watertight

Poser shot after the fun

Wet drive out

Then this was a late season trip looking for the last paddle before it all froze solid. Definitely the last paddle of the season! Was frozen days later.

Drive in after the snow storm dealing with the extra snow load

blocked trail- after a 120 or so of these blockages I gave up :(

and a fun cold paddle closer to the start of the trail...

That was my last trip with the canoe for the year. Good times with an epic Western trip for 2017!!!
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Now on to some of the 2018 adventures and mods…

Starting my lastest mod for a Camp deck to have a fold out bed behind the driver’s seat as my rear seat was starting to sag when folded down flat…

Spring time remnants of snow along Lake Winnipeg

Stuck a long way back from the nearest tree and I had left my Maxtrax’s at home. Whoops!!!

More new canoe trail areas this time a few hours closer to home

And a full load test with gear while camping, still room for me to sleep and the "bench" folds out to a rock solid table when needed.

Next trip spent way to much time working to clear an old trail

But it ended in success on the water of a new lake system

Resting after the winds etc and blistered hands from cutting for hours on end (getting soft in my old age) I love my iPad movies and shows!

And some detour routes the next day while hiding in the truck with AC on due to the plus 30c+ weather

And an extra long weekend trip to explore another new section of an old logging area.

Slippery wet old school Log bridge

Don’t fall in the cracks!!! Pays to get out to look ever so often.

deeper than it looked- required the locker due to a deep hole at the end of this crossing.

And a nice easy spot to camp which my buddies big truck and trailer could reach, hint hint!

Last pic just before the trouble starts.jpg[/IMG]

And the next story…



Reminds me of memories from wet days long ago..Sorry for the pictures of pictures but this was before the digital age, Lol

I'll try update with the new story tomorrow! Stay tuned for more wet "fun".... ;)
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