Nevada Trophy Signups End This Saturday


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Event cancelled per their Facebook page announcement and possible done forever. The entire event seem like it was slapped together with no planning involved. It was doomed to fail by withholding crucial decision-making information until people sign up/committed. Literally only 4 vehicles signed up.


Were people paying $850 in the last few years to participate? How popular was this thing? And how much did it actually cost to organize?
Thats too bad, I really would have liked to do something like this but it was just cost prohibitive for what it was presented to be.
If someone were to reinvent this, get some sponsors and run it in the summer months I'm sure they would have to limit entries. Fourwheeler magazine has done well with Overland Adventure and thats just a group of people following someone around in the desert and eating - I participated in the first one in 2019.