Need Your Help: Seeking a Specific type of 4x4 Class C?

Hey crew!

Hopefully you can help me, and I truly hope this is the right section for this discussion. I'm looking for a True Off Grid Capable Truck based camper. I know of a few manufacturers/models some no longer made etc and wanted to see i'm missing any or if anyone knows of any for sale.

My Wants:
Truck based i.e F550
Cabover Sleeping Only (so most likely a quad cab, seems only the 4 door trucks offer this) want maximum floor space
Dry Bath
Pass Through
Ideally a separate Sofa from the dinnete
Would prefer less than 30 ft but am open

Budget Range Max prob 150k

Campers I've found or know about that kind of fit the bill

1. Host 270
2. Host 330 (love the idea of the toy garage layout for hauling gear or another set of wheels etc, but it's awfully long)

The Hosts seem to have stopped being made in 2010? Would prefer newer if possible

3. Fraserway Unbound Freedom/ Overlander My fav layout wise, VERY hard to find in the US. Found one in Canada 6 months ago but was a nightmare trying to talk to them or get the deal done.

Don't really like the Tigers

I plan on lifting and putting LARGE AT's or offroad tires on whatever rig I wind up with unless already done like the Overlander version

If you guys know of any other vehicles that fit the bill, please let me know would greatly appreciate it! And if you know of an Overlander for sale in the states I'd be in debt to ya. Thanks in Advance!


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FWIW, 4x4 Chinook Concourses were built on E-450 chasis, these are van not truck chasis but may give you what you want for much lesser money...for even less you can covert 2WD Chinook's built on E-350 chasis to 4wd.

Both options should be in 50k range.


There are not that many options outside the ones you already mentioned.
Maybe you could find a used Earthcruiser EXD or XP camper for slightly above your price point.
There was an older earthroamer on the "for sale" section for 95k.


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... any other suggestions please? ...
Many people wind up building their own because of the lack of options for what you want for the price you listed.

US $150,000 would get you a new Ford 4x4 XL F-350/450/550/600 and a new flatbed truck camper.

About $51,000 for a new F-350 XL 4x4 CCLB DRW 7.3L gas with 4.30 limited slip. Another $8,800 if you go diesel.

There are a number of frame lengths available depending on the truck model.

The current 7.3L "Godzilla" gas engine combined with the deepest gears would likely serve you very well, but, you could get the diesel engine if you still want it after checking out the Godzilla 7.3L gas.

Depending on your size, you might be able to simply remove the rear window and create a "crawl through".

Duramag truck bed/body is in Maine, and offers custom work.

You could build your own camper with a Bahn shell. Shell starting at $35,000

Alaskan Camper flatbed models are a $1600 option. Scroll down on:

There are other flatbed camper manufacturers. I just listed the above to give you ideas. :)
thank you guys I appreciate it. Do you not think there should be more offerings in this space? I think it could be a popular option if people really understood the possibilities etc?


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Just a word of caution before thinking Bahn is a cost effective source. 35k get a you a shell with no insulation.... not even paint. Literally a raw fiberglass shell. Plan another 30k-50k if you want something you can build in. (Think painted, windows, structural mounting points, somewhat insulated/semi finished interior ready for cabinets and other items).

For the price I would 110% go for Total Composites over Bahn of you are building it out. You know what you are getting with Total Compoaites and it is insulated and ready for build out.

If you want a fiberglass built out camper go for Northern lite or Bigfoot as their fully built and optioned campers are thousands cheaper than even a workable shell from Bahn.


OP, one thing you mentioned that caught my attention is slides. You will hardly, if ever, see that on a truly capable expedition vehicle. Just doesn't work, they are too heavy and hard to seal and generally don't work out that well with a flexing offroad vehicle. I'm sure it's been done but I wouldn't want to own it, expecially after a few years.

EDIT: And just like that, here the world comes to prove me wrong, or at least try. Here is everything you asked for, even barely fits your budget: