Need to install 270* awning on 2014 LX570 with Alu Cab tent but door spoiler interferes


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Hi, I purchased an Alu cab 3rd Gen Tent and installed it on my 2014 LX 570. Want to install alu cab 270* shadow awning but the rear door spoiler interferes, any idea or other 270* awning to install?


Removing the spoiler on these vehicles leaves a really horrible look with a bunch of exposed bolts.
so there you go. Product idea: Spoiler Delete Kit. A cover panel, pan head socket cap screws, and a can of factory matched touch up paint. Make them titanium or magnesium for “weight reduction”, laser a logo into them, and charge $500.

you could become easily a hundredaire while the rest of the economy goes to crap!


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This thread might help..........


I have a buddy with the same awning on a 2016 landcruiser and his door spoiler bumps up against the bottom of one of the rail. Not a big deal from what I can tell, he just put a strip of foam under that rail. His awning is mounted on a front runner rack, I believe so that might impact the installation height. He is 5'10" and the vehicle is on a 3" lift with 34" tires so his upper tail gate not opening all the way isn't smacking him on the head!
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