Need ideas where to mount a charging base for two handheld radios


I have a 1st gen Sequoia and would like to mount (pretty much permanently) a charging base for two handheld radios. Just looking for ideas where to mount. I do have a drawer system in the back that I built but would rather keep the radios accessible for when I need them on the trail without digging thru some other stuff. The base is wired so the radios would charge while driving and be ready when I need them. I can do wiring regardless of location.

This is what I have:



This is all my opinion. So some of it may not even be factual.

Personally, I would mount them towards the drawers. Make sure to secure the radios in a sense, if they break contact with the charger they won't be charged when you need them, hence why a lot if flashlights (rechargable) clip into the charging base. This can be just a bump or something resting against the radios.

I would then just toss one into a cup holder before the trip or a ht mount on the dash. Then it is in reach.

There are other issues with keeping the radios on the charger full time. Most batteries tend to have degraded performance if let on chargers.

I have a ham 2/70 (caps modded for gmrs/murs) radio permanently installed in my truck. So haven't had the need to carry hand units with any regularity.

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What I have seen a number of people do is mount them on the sill of the rear side windows, within easy reach of the rear hatch