Need help understanding the different Transit 4x4 conversions: Quiggley, Sportsmobile, QuadVan


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Good morning folks. I'm looking to purchase a Transit and have it converted to 4x4. I'm still early into my research but it seems there are three companies that offer these conversions: Quiggley, Sportsmobile, and QuadVan. It also seems that each of these companies does something a little different with their 4x4 system. I am not very familiar with 4x4 systems (owned a Jeep once but never really got into cars enough to learn ins and outs of the 4x4 system); would anyone mind giving me a breakdown on what differentiates 4x4 conversions from Quiggley, Sportsmobile, and QuadVan? Are there other options out there?


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Great question, can we add Whitefeather Conversions and Ujointoffroad? This would make great sticky.


As it relates to Transits, Sportsmobile - does not convert them, they purchase the conversion from Quigley. As of today - Quigley still isn't certified by Ford on the 3500 Dually, due to weight restrictions. Quigley installs a 2" lift, and they use a 2 speed Magna Transfer Case. So you only have 4 Low and 4 High. They use Ford's F-series Components for the Front Axle, Hubs, Drive-lines and steering. Roughly 16K out the door.

Ken Kaye from Uni-Van quoted me 29K, to raise a Sprinter with 5" lift, add ARB Front and Fox Shocks, drive axle, custom Drive-lines and Atlas T-Case. I don't know if Whitefeather has done the Transit, they have lots of experience with the Sprinter chassis.

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