Need advice with Firestone airbags


Can I cut the tubing from my Firestone airbags and insert it into a 1/4” push-to-connect fitting? The .260” tubing has what appears to be a D.O.T swaged connection to a Schrader valve, so may not be intended to fit a 1/4” push-to-connect.

The photo shows an assembly I made that should allow me to inflate the airbags as well as dumpD.O.T Push-to-Connect.jpg air from the upfitter switches in the cab. This is intended to make it easy to raise and lower the back of the truck for easy entry to our truck camper, as well as adjust pressure for various road conditions, on-the-fly. I don't want to cut the tubing and then discover difficulties with any connections.


I would think it's pretty standard in size.
If not, a couple of adapters from a big truck parts place will make the adjustment for you.


The firestone bags that I had just used an npt thread in the end of the large mounting stud. You should be able to just install your preferred fitting directly on to the stud.


So long as it is standard 1/4" / 6mm tubing, go for it.

There is such a thing as 5mm.... Ive swapped out entire 5mm systems just to go to the more standard 6mm


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Id be very surprised if the tubing wasn't 1/4". Is all I've run into on NA built systems.

You are better off using the swage fittings over push to connect. If there is any movement in the air line the o-ring wears out. Gets frustrating when looking for a big leak only to find ever 2nd fitting is leaking a tiny amount.