Need advice on dual band antenna and mount


Scored a used ft-7900 over the weekend.

Looking for recommendations on antenna and mount on 2004 Jeep Brute.

From a quick search it might be wise to mount the antenna from the hood area.

Top of Jeep is fiberglass and the rear of the truck is pretty busy already.

Your advice is appreciated

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I took a flat bracket that is pictured above and then added a Larsen L bracket underneath it so the 3/4 inch holes align and the nmo will attach through both mounts. I used a nmo thick mount since it was basically going through two mounts. When I added the L mount the whole thing became stiffer where the flat bracket would flex quite a bit. I use a Larsen NMO 2/70.


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I second the driver’s side fender mount. I also second the Larson NMO 2/79B. If you don’t go with the Larson, just make sure the antenna in question is phased for 1/2 wave on VHF.

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Faceplate and radio mounted!

Radio behind seat on upper tub of truck.


Faceplate mounted on 67 designs x plate.

Spare handheld and mike on Jeep Uniq to 67 designs arm.

Just a little cleanup of the wiring.

Larson antenna and mount on the way.

Thanks for the help!


Robert Bills

I use Teraflex tail light antenna brackets on my LJ - CB on driver's side and ham on passenger side.

The two antennas that consistently give me the best results are my Larsen NMO 2/70B and the shorter Larsen NMO 2/70SH.

Ham - Teraflex tail light antenna bracket with Breedlove NMO mount, Larsen NMO 2/70SH antenna shown.

Ham Radio Antenna Mount 07 04 19.jpg

CB - Teraflex antenna bracket with Breedlove stud mount and all brass disconnect , 2' Firestik II antenna shown. Alternate antenna is a 4' Firestik Firefly.

CB Antenna Mount 07 04 19.jpg

The brass quick disconnect I am using for my CB antenna is no longer available, but Breedlove now offers a quick disconnect mount that I like even more.