Need a rear 4.3....


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So we went up in the snow with our 03 montero and discovered it wanted to kill us. Today I discovered that some Yahoo put a 4.9 in the rear while leaving a 4.3 up front. Anyone have a 4.3 sitting on a shelf taking up space?

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I have a 4.3 open diff sitting in my garage, but I don't know how bad the gears are... makes a funny noise when you turn one flange or another... you can have it.

I picked up an 01 LSD 4.3 off for $155 shipped to my door. Might want to give that a try.


Explorer - find one local or from one of the big JYs like LKQ - they typically have shipping costs negotiated with freight carriers and are much cheaper than an individual trying to ship something.


I may have a 4.3 soon out of my DD (swapping to 4.9). But I will not ship it. That said, Fastenal ships as well from store to store.