Need a chest fridge? FS Truckfridge TF51 (2.0cf) like Engel, ARB, etc.


I just upgraded to a bigger Truckfridge chest fridge and have my barely used one for sale.

Specs here:

Truckfridge makes an awesome product but don't quite have the street cred here that ARB and Engel do. They are cheaper and have a Danfoss compressor and some other great specs like LED lighting, floor mounts, AC and DC cord, etc.

Mine is just a few months old.

I live just outside Knoxville Tn which is less than 2 hours west of Expo East this weekend in Asheville. I won't be able to make it there but could meet someone coming through on their way.

$599 new, selling for $375 including the floor mount plate.

I'd rather not ship this huge thing but will consider it if someone wanted to pay for it.



Sorry Teague I haven't checked this in awhile. Sale pending on the fridge. Actually 2 in line.


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Yes, wonderful fridge and wonderful price. Mine has been running nonstop in my van for almost two years now. Never a problem.

Sure are indelB. Mine was back ordered and when TF finally got them back in they didn't even bother re sticker ing them, just sent theme out as they hado been received. Waeco insulated fridge covers fit perfectly as well. Glws