Neat looking Bronco popup conversion with passthru CO $12k


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I have long contemplated this and in my opinion if you bought an 97 and older donor 7.3 truck it wouldn't be terrible. Now if someone brought both rigs to my shop and had me do it for them it wouldnt be financially sane but the end result would be amazing. If i didn't already have a diesel rig and camper id consider it.
How much does it cost to do a diesel engine swap?
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Cheapest diesel might be either cummins 3.9 4bt or 4.5 CR
You can buy a clean front cut with transmission for $5000 pick one running a ford transmission and the rest of the cost is pumbing and mounts $3-4k
If you pay someone add $7-10k for labor
Paying a shopt to do diesel conversions these days is $20-30k
I have done two conversions and IMO Conversions hardly ever pay for themself in fuel savings alone. You tend to doit for peformance and extended range


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Why swap a diesel when you can just build the 351 to put down more power for a fraction of the cost?
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