Neat looking Bronco popup conversion with passthru CO $12k


Yeah, that's a great combo. Guess I hadn't thought much about broncos with a pass-through, but it makes a lot of sense. Also like the ability of the Bronco to haul a lot more weight than a Toy pickup.


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This Haulmark Bronco slide appears to me to definitely be a better slide alternative on a Bronco than the old 76-77 Blazer Chalet's with the really heavy "Chinook" manufactured fiberglass shell mounted on the back. I have owned several "Chalet's" and they were very top heavy. The also required rear suspension modifications to be a safe road and trail rig. I would expect the "Haulmark" slide to be much lighter.

Personally I think the weight issue is why "I" think GM let the "Chalet" die a quiet death in 1977. They knew there were weight, safety & drive ability issues with the heavy "Chalet" shell mounted on the rear of the Blazer.

A picture of a Blazer Chalet is included.

Also included is a picture of a design to mount a Chalet shell to an expedition capable trailer.



I like what I see, but I wonder how legal those tail/brake lights are with the camper sticking out the back that far. I think additional lights would need to be on the back of the camper.


I have the grand dad to that one. My wife and love the size and layout. It's perfect for she and I and our two 45lbs dogs.



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Ford Bronco Camper - $12000 (Colorado)

Selling 1989 Ford Bronco with Hallmark Camper. See below list of details. Serious inquiries only, thank you.

1993 Hallmark Pop up Camper:
-MagneTek Electrical Center with two deep cycle batteries that also converts shore power.
-Three way refrigerator (can be ran on propane, electric, or ice).
-Propane Heater and thermostat.
-Seven gallon holding talk with electric pump for kitchen sink.
-Two burner stove top (propane).
-Vanity with mirror and storage.
-Two bench seats with storage underneath that also convert into a downstairs bed.
-Hideaway table.
-A full size loft bed with storage.
-ARB Touring Awning.
-Two fire extinguishers.
-Mounted MagLite.

1989 Ford Bronco:
-Eddie Baur Limited Edition.
-V8 351.
-Four wheel drive.
-Automatic transmission.
-Automatic locking hubs.
-Tow package with four way flat wiring harness.
-Five, Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, 33 inches.
-Three inch lift kit and leaf springs in rear.
-Thirty gallon fuel tank.
-Mounted, five gallon spare metal gas can.
-Air conditioning and heating.
-Pioneer CD Deck and radio.
-3000 Watt power inverter.

Maintenance and Repairs in the last two years:
New exhaust muffler in 2016.
New fuel pump in 2016.
New radiator and thermostat in 2016.
New exhaust manifolds in 2017.
New rear breaks 2016.
New front brake pads 2017.
New Rancho Rs5000 shocks in 2016.
New rear drove shaft in 2016.


That thing really caught my eye so I called the owner. Very nice guy, had it a couple of years. Only 10mpg though, so kind of a non starter for me.