looking at my first land cruiser 2006. My question is about the navigation. Is there an upgrade for it? Or are you just stuck with an outdated mapping system?
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When I bought my 06 it had the original DVD and it was severely out dated for the region in which I live. I picked my upgrade up from EBAY seller 'graphic-arts' in July of 2019 for about $11 delivered. Has been working flawlessley since I put it into the DVD player. I think it's the last updated year - 2016. Gen4 version U30 v 15.1 . It does not look like he is still selling these but they are all over EBAY.


I suggest to use a smartphone / Tablet - since the mapsource just covers that part of the world you did bought the vehicle.. And is not really updated for 2020...

The same mapsource than in our toyotas, but new and near worldwide coverage: