National Luna 60L Legacy dual control


Shot in the dark but hoping someone may be willing to help. I’ve been eyeballing the new line of National Luna fridges and trying to figure out how to get the 72L to fit my setup. No dice on fitment so decided on the 60L dual control. A couple of weeks ago Equipt started a weekly sale so I held out in hopes that the NL fridges would be offered, they were last week.

So I went to order one on Wednesday May 13 (the sale started Monday the 11th and ran through the 17th) and even though it says preorder I couldn’t add it to the cart. So I call to see about ordering over the phone and they say that it is already sold out. They based this on a shipment that apparently has already been sent. I am not sure why they did it that way since it was a preorder why run a sale on something you can’t order but whatever. So they tell me they have no idea when a second shipment will happen, possibly not until September, and they haven’t figured it out at this point.

I followed up with an email and haven’t received a reply yet.

I have my IDBDR run in late August and I need a fridge. I just sold my Dometic to make room for the NL and I really don’t want to get something else at this point. I was wondering if anyone here had ordered one and would be willing to sell the reservation to me if time wasn’t an issue for an impeding trip or if you have changed your mind. Thank you.


Sorry, I can't help you but just wanted to point out South Africa is under a severe lock down. No tobacco or liquor sales and until recently you couldn't even walk your dog. I also heard last year National Luna's factory had a major fire and they had just restarted production before the lock down. I got my dual zone 60L just before they went into lock down and its nice, much better then my ARB 50qt.

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