National Land Rover event Norway 2016

The Red One

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Norway's Land Rover club will be holding the national gathering for next year in the town of Setermoen, in the period 19. - 24 july 2016. For the first time in the club's history (since 1975) the very northern branch will be hosting, so it will be the a Land Rover event extraordinaire! Located in magnificent scenery 500 kilometers inside the Arctic circle, Setermoen is an exellent start point for local daytrips. Some of these will be done as guided convoys. There will also be museums to peruse and hopefully we can get together some sea fishing trips.

Local legislations dictate the curriculum in local drivers training must contain ice road driving, so there is a training facility near our venue. We are hoping to use it, so there might be an opportunity to take your fully laden Defender onto low traction conditins under controlled and safe circumstances. The facilities use sheet steel and cooking oil simulate low road friction.

We are by this welcoming Land Rover friends from all over to join us for this special event. Aurora Borealis will be out of season, but midnight sun guaranteed (subject to weather)! More practical info will follow later. See also this thread (only norwegian language):