Nanuk 935 Case for Camera Gear


I just picked up a GoPro Hero3 + Black Edition a Canon 70D and was looking for a solution to carry these new camera's, a bunch of GoPro accessory's, iPad mini and my trusty Canon G15 along with the battery chargers
I'm flying to Co to pick up my 80 from Slee and driving back to VA with a detour through AZ and NM and wanted a organize solution that offered great protection
Dulles case Center did a case for my Goal Zero Yedi and Lights so I headed over with all my stuff.
Decided on the Nanuk 935... Nanuk latches are really slick and the 935 has wheels and a extendable handle.... Airline standard for carry on.
They were able to fit everything until I showed up with a 300 mm lens that fit into the cavity that was cut for my GoPro accessory's.. so a few items will go in another bag for this trip.

The Goal Zero Case

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