NAG1/722.6/W5A580 Transfer Case Questions


Hey folks. I am not a jeep owner, but I am working out a plan to convert my early Sprinter to 4x4.

Being that my van uses the NAG1, I am looking at options for NAG1 variants with integral transfer cases (Jeeps). I was hoping to find some information on these applications. Thanks in advance for any help!

My research indicates that 2002-2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and 2012-Present Jeep Wrangler use the NAG1 with transfer case.

My questions:

-What transfer cases will swap onto the Jeep NAG1 main case? Ideally a manual shifting Tcase would be best. I believe most of the NV series have the same bolt pattern.

-Can these Tcases be clocked? Either by changing bolt holes, or by adapter plate? Ideally I would like to lower the front output a few inches.

I believe the factory Tcase on these vehicles is electronically controlled, with both an actuator motor, and a clutch for the center diff. I could make a control box up, but would prefer manual operation. I have seen some conflicting information on what Tcase the NAG1 wrangler uses.


Rocktrack right? 4:1 low is probably a lot lower than I need, and I have heard these are pretty expensive/rare used. This Tcase has no center diff correct? The regular NV241 might be a better option with the 2.7:low and cheaper to procure.

I don't plan on beating on the Tcase much, but my van does weigh 8,500lbs, so I obviously want a reliable unit. Though I am not sure the beefy NV241OR is necessary

Some reading indicates that maybe a NV242 (cherokee sourced) would be better? As it has a center diff with the option to lock it?