My Tundra Build


I didn't realize the large gas tank extended under the cab on the CM, but looking at it now, where else could it go? Still you should have plenty of space farther forward under the driver? I'm not saying that is a great spot for batteries, but I feel like something ought to go there. Plenty of room for lithiums but big AGMs might hang down too far. It would be a good place for heavy storage that you very rarely (if ever) need to access.

Your tires are a little under 34" and they should fit in the spare tire carrier under the truck. At least I've heard of people mounting 35s there (guide brackets need trimming), but I haven't tried it. I don't think mounting the batteries in that spot is a bad idea at all, though.

Your truck looks nice! Good luck with your build.
I test fitted the 5th wheel and because of the shackles being so beefy and wide it would have been possible but the 5th wheel would have hung way to low..just didn't seem the best

thanks and i will try an update this as much as possible for others to use as a source for sure
I was able to fit my 295/70/18 under with plenty of room, stock shackles though.

Had to bend the tabs.

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Awesome build! We did some trails in CO in mid July and I think I saw you up there. We had our 4th and 5th gen 4runners and a JK in our party.


I have been back and forth on a new truck. Fronty isn’t cutting it. Tundras we’re always near the top. Yours solidified it. Very nice build.
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You wont be disappointed. I've been impressed as heck with my Tundra. I came from an Xterra (which is still my favorite suv) and it was bulletproof for me. When looking for a full size rig, I quickly narrowed it down to the Tundra and haven't questioned my decision since. It goes pretty much anywhere I want it to, and even squeezes into some places it shouldn't.


I am looking for a vehicle that I will not need to replace for at least the next 10 years. And from everything I have read, tundra might not have all the newest do dads but will out last any of the big three. And that is most important to me.

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