My Solo Wanderings of the West


The next move up the hill was to this campsite about 10 miles outside Mammoth Lakes. I spent a good part of the summer based at this site, making occasional moves to other areas I wanted to check out. Camp was at about 8,000 feet so the summer temps were perfect, usually in the 70s with a few days bumping into the low 80s. And always sunny.

Nearby there are two different routes up to the summit of Bald Mountain east of 395 so I did a long loop to the top and back. What amazing views!

Looking northwest from Bald Mountain lookout.

Of course above the town of Mammoth Lakes are the lakes of the Mammoth Lakes basin. Much of the lakes area didn’t open until 4th of July or later because of the record snowfall.

I can’t even list all the great roads and trails I explored in that area. I put a ton of miles on the bike!

I took a side trip up Tioga Pass to visit Yosemite. This is the incredible grade up from Lee Vining.

The overlook at Olmsted Point looking toward Half Dome. From this viewpoint with binoculars you can watch the hikers on the Half Dome Cables.

A couple views of Tenaya Lake in Yosemite.



I left the trailer in storage and headed north for a visit to Oregon and Washington. I camped in a bunch of new spots along the way.
This was a beautiful little campground up the highway to Sonora Pass. Nearby was the US Marines Mountain Warfare training center.
I stayed a couple days to explore up the pass and some of the area.

Reaching Oregon, I always wanted to visit the Cascade Lakes Highway area. Unfortunately I didn’t know that all the lakes would be drained by mid-August so a lake-front campsite was now a riverfront site. It was still a beautiful area with many roads to explore and quite a change from the Sierras.

I took about 2 weeks, visiting some new areas, traveling from Mammoth to Springfield where I had a great visit with family and did a little camping in the area around Eugene.
I didn’t make it to Washington as something came up and I had to return to Mammoth. I got settled back in the trailer and started the Fall move back south, trying to stay ahead of September freezing nighttime temps.
Fall colors were starting in the higher elevations. From Bishop I spent a day riding up to South Lake, North Lake, and Sabrina Lake.
This was taken along Bishop Creek.

From Bishop I headed back south staying at Aberdeen, then to Tuttle Creek at Lone Pine.
I took a ride up the mountain to Horseshoe Meadows. What a beautiful ride with amazing views!

Looking north up the Owens Valley from the top of the switchback road. The green area in the valley is the town of Lone Pine with the spine of the Alabama Hills to the left, Diaz Lake to the right.

I’ve since left the Sierras heading south with stays along the way near Ridgecrest and Joshua Tree.
As of today I’m in the southern desert starting another snowbird season. I’m camped here on BLM land west of Earp, CA.


That is some nice country,thanks for the update. Are you happy with the TT? I am thinking about a cargo trailer conversion,price is a factor of course,but, being able to just move into a TT is appealing.


Awesome write up!! The pics are amazing, so clear and gorgeous. That is some very beautiful country you have camped in. This really made my day, thanks so much.
I am also surprised how some people will camp right next to you even though there are a ton of spaces. Some people can't be fixed.


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The last few days I finally caught up from page 50ish where I left off many months ago. Sorry to hear that it is too hard posting on this site as it was very nice seeing your updates. If you are posting anywhere else and I missed it please let us know so I can follow there!