My Solo Wanderings of the West


We did some of that route last week after our summer in Northern Colorado. We turned North at Casper and stayed in spear fish though. We didn't cross paths, i would have recognised your rig, lol.


Kenny, Great to hear from you. I for one would love to see some of those pics!!!!!! I'm very glad your still out there living the dream and just doing it.
Also good to hear that the site is a little easier to use. Fingers crossed that you post some more...thanks


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Heck yeah! I've found the future me and what keeps me banging through the work week! I just started reading through your thread and want to say thanks for putting this out there and letting me live vicariously through you.


Howdy! Thanks for checking in.

So a quick update; A couple weeks ago I passed 5 years since I started this journey in May 2014. I’m still going, loving the life with no plans to hang it up.

After a Fall visit with family in Illinois I hightailed it out to New Mexico and bopped along until the weather turned suddenly very cold in November, then headed to my favorite winter stomping grounds of SW Arizona and SE California.

In December I fulfilled an idea I’ve had for a few winters; I bought a “winter home”, upping the comfort level for the long winters down south.

It was a good decision and I really enjoy the extra space and amenities.

I stayed south until the hot weather started in early April, then started a slow migration north. Currently I’m doing a slow mosey up highway 395 and the eastern Sierras.
Pic taken a couple weeks ago in the Alabama Hills.

It's been a chilly and rainy Spring so as weather permits my plan is to continue up to the Mammoth Lakes and June Lake area then I’ll continue up to Oregon, then Washington for a gathering in August on the Olympic Peninsula.


Nice upgrade. My first thought is if I were you I'd install an aftermarket trans cooler and a trans temp gauge on that Chevy. I've had a few of that vintage and know the factory in-radiator trans cooler becomes ineffective over the years. Heat is the number one thing that kills transmissions.