My rig; 2000 Powerstroke with a 2000 Lance 815

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She's a real beauty...

2000 7.3/ZF-6
ARB bumper and Warn M12
GTP38R, 160/30 injectors, 4" exhaust and a whole lot more.. ~400HP/800 ft lbs
TrueTrac rear diff
285/75/16 KO2s

Camper is a 2000 Lance 815
It's in decent shape but isn't without issues
Just ordered a solar kit for it

Driving like a reasonable human gets about 14 MPG with the camper on, 18-19 unloaded. If I'm using all 400 HP that number goes down quick.

I spent about a year fixing up the truck. The cab needs some bodywork/paint and I have about 20k in mechanical rebuilding/repairs/go-fast parts. It'd dead reliable. In all honestly I've always been a Toyota guy and this is my first heavy duty truck. It was a real pile of ******** to get running right. I've probably owned 25 Toyotas over the years, all with way more miles on them than this thing and they were far less troublesome. Too bad Toyota doesn't make a heavy duty truck!

I've had the camper about 6 weeks, working some bugs out but it was a good deal. $3600 and ample room for myself and the occasional lady.

I don't do a lot of overlanding, but have in other vehicles in the past. Mostly elk hunting trips in the fall. I'm currently touring around the country, living in it full time. Chicks dig it.

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Speaking of Toyota. I drove a Hino(Toyota product) tilt cab medium duty with an I-4 turbo and Allison trans.
240K of stop and go with thousands of pounds in it daily. Never let the turbo cool properly.
Most reliable vehicle I've ever driven. Total issues: ignition key,door lock cylinder,head gasket, a few brake jobs.a couple of boost tubes. I retired 9 years ago and it's still being used daily.


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Nice rig. This is about as compact as you can get: single cab, long bed. No center of gravity problem here. It should be under 20 feet. Mine is 20 feet with a Xcab and a short bed. My bro has a 1999, 6-speed, wired F250 in the same era as yours and the only downside is the very wide turning circle due to the leaf springs up front. His is on the right with a 9.5 foot OUTFITTER!:

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Nice setup! IFS would be great, and yes; My turning radius is not the best.

I love the simplicity of the regular cab but storage has been an issue. I ended up ripping out the bathroom in the 815 (never planned to use it anyway) and turned it into a big closet with room for a few more batteries if I ever decide I need them. I also added solar and an exterior shower. So far 200W worth of panels on a pretty efficient MPPT controller keeps me fully charged running a fan overnight.


I would use the bathroom for storage and especially drying of clothes.

But keep it functional in case of despair hahaha


Nice rig. How do you like that ARB bumper. I'm shopping bumpers for my 2000Ftree fiddy and this is one of the ones I am thinking about. Do you by chance have a good side shot showing approach angle clearance?