My Red Cross ERV Build and Adventures


Continuing on with the floor I threw in a layer of 1/4" fiberock because it's thin but still offers a bit more thermal mass. It's a little heavy but I'm still far below the 14,500# GVWR so I'm not too worried.


The flooring is Shaw 100% waterproof vinyl so basically nothing in the floor or subfloor can be negatively affected by water which seems like a plus.


Flooring and shower pan in place and started on some plumbing...


I looked for quite a while to find some seating I liked and was going to just make my own but then I found this on ebay and it worked out great. It's a little on the flimsy side but it's a really good start and will be easy to add supports to beef it up a bit.


Bonus it has pop out foot rests and turns into a bed (for short people) 👍. Here's a pic from the ebay ad. I did end up removing the arm rests to get it to fit where I wanted it.




To get the cassette toilet to fit into the shower I had to make a spacer to get it to sit above the back lip of the shower pan.




Not the easiest thing to make because it being in a shower pan means the button needed to be angled to match but I think it turned out pretty good.


Some plumbing....





About this point I had most of the plumbing in and working and some of the electrical done so I figured it was time to take it on a little test run mountain bike trip in Northern Minnesota. This was the first actual road trip since I drove it home from St Louis so it was a nice little test. It definitely rides a lot better with the added weight in the back.


For those wondering here's the weight with everything I've done so far, full of fuel and 46 gallons of water.... Gross weight 9580#. I'm guessing I'll be in the low 10k pounds when done which I'm pretty happy with.


Shortly after that mountain bike trip I was invited out the the Black Hills in South Dakota for a dual sport ride so I had to make a motorcycle platform/lounging deck off the back. The bike is what I call my KTMasaki because I'm not good with names and, well, it's mostly a Kawi Ninja 650 but has KTM 525 EXC wheels and fork and a KTM 990 Adventure fairing. Works surprisingly well considering it's a street bike in the woods.



First free camp site just outside of Carthage South Dakota....


Of course I didn't take any pics of the trip after this but I was able to fully test the induction cooktop, solar (which I haven't taken pics of yet) and in-floor heating and it all worked out great. Couldn't be happier.


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600 Ninja in the woods... I think KTMasaki must be a typo... should be Kamikaze.
A lifetime ago I assisted a motorcycle mechanic/friend split the crankcase in a 600 Ninja to replace the timing chain and then after reassembly lift it into place to mount it in the frame. After a short test ride she came back grinning ear to ear. She said it’d easily pop a wheelie in third gear... cannot imagine riding one on the trails I’ve seen.

Gimme a 320 Pampera Gas Gas and I’d be laughing... not so sure of a Kamikaze ;) I’ve already got one obliterated knee and spinal problems :p


My dad called Kawasaki snowmobiles Kamikazi's when I was a kid. Still a great name and definitely fits for the KTMasaki.

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I'm really jealous of this build. I try to buy 2 of these and they didn't work out.

And the weight isn't as much as I thought it would be. Very nice! Love the bike rack.
Hey Rebuild what are you using to cut the aluminum inside the cab- things like the diamond plate? Grinder? Plasma? Saws all?