My Raider was vandalized, PICS, value/insurance assistance needed


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I planned on doing a build thread recounting the revival of this beautiful blue box but I have been spending the good summer days out actually wheeling it instead.

Anyway, I have a certifiably unbalanced woman that lives just down the road from me and she somehow got it in her head that I had wronged her, perhaps it was because I have called the police on her for bumping music through a healthy-sounding stereo any time she wants, be it 6AM or 11PM.

well, she did this:

she even threw some panties inside and put some weird crap on the dash made from twisted sticks, a chinese coin, some beads, and I don't know what else...

its not the spray paint, broken lights, the mirrors or glass, or even the voodoo underwear that I care about, its that she did it all with a small sledge hammer (according to the neighbors that witnessed it) and that she beat on the passenger door and caved in the gas door. Up until this point my rig was as close to straight as these get with 220k on the body. I have never seen another Raider/Montero in the yards or even on the internet that was this color so I am fairly sure that I cannot easily get a replacement.

The lady is in jail for a few days, after which I will have a restraining order. The police have been to her house no less than 20 times in the last two months so I am fairly sure that she will be taken into state custody in due time.

ON TO THE POINT: I made the claim to my insurance (progressive comprehensive luckily) and they will send a guy out early next week to look it over. I need to know a good site to find a value that takes into consideration all of the work I have put into it over the last few months: Full gasket refresh, Balance shaft elimination kit, weber install, clutch, tires/wheels... The motor itself only has about 12k since the rebuild and new non-jetvalve head was installed.

I will admit that I built it slowly over a few months and on a budget to boot, but I don't think that should be reflected in the value. I sweated over this, and then introduced my gf to off-raoding in it. We spent the last week exploring the Oregon valley and coast and she loved every minute of it, that was what I valued the most.

please help me find a decent comparable rig to argue the value with (and maybe parts for once I buy this back)

Here are some phone pics from this last week as a thanks:

The color is almost identical to Jones Bubblegum soda:

My first poser pic after the 285/70r17 Dynapros and FJ steelies went on.

what it looked like when I first got it running:

I am posting the same thread on 4x4wire for more advice


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get the parts quoted- guestimate the labor for install
price the repaint

Post the used panties on ebay !:Wow1:


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Any receipts will help increase its value, I went through this process(not due to crazy folks though) and the ins. company took into consideration the lift, tires, trans rebuild, and a few other things and I made out well on the ordeal.


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My friend Steve has a V6 Raider this color, only available in 1989...just like that cool yellow.

I have the front window quarter glass, gas door, and passenger door if you want to visit the Ranch. I'm about 3 hours south of Medford. I'll be home next weekend.


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I just got done dealing with the insurance company over my totaled Jeep WJ. My one word of advise: Receipts. The more you have, the better off you are. They may not be required and you might be able to get a "fair" value without them, but they sure do make the fight a lot easier.

That said, if you are looking at having the truck repaired, you should be able to have the repairs quoted by a local body shop, and provide that to the insurance. Insurance cuts you a check, and you take care of the repairs, either doing the work yourself or having a body shop take care of it. At least that's how it worked for me when my TJ was vandalized.

Good luck and keep us updated.


Sad to see it happen to your vehicle but its funny how she placed panties inside.

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