My New Ural Adventure Machine


My New Ural Adventure Machine (Full Resto Update!)

Ever since i bought my C5 military royal enfield and saw a Ural at the dealer i have wanted one... I finally pulled the trigger after seeing the forest fog color, it was everything i envisioned my Ural to be. I wasnt too worried about waiting for fuel injection and 3 wheel disks... I have an 84 landcruiser as a daily driver so carbs and drums arent too foreign for me (even though i have since converted that to a diesel-30mpg :wink: )

Anyways, everyone loves pictures so here we go, ive been hard at work in the 2 weeks ive had this-

So this was the RE i had to sell for the Ural:

Here is the new machine which i will dub "The Cascade Cruiser" (please forgive the suburbia background):

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So this thing was pretty mod'd from the get go, as i bought it from Raceway and they installed most of the initial stuff including the foot boxes, power arc ignition, 2 to 1 high mount muffler and cosmetic stuff. Raceway was awesome with everything.

I took it from there- as i am a huge perfectionist i had to change some things out right away :D

Stock Fluid Can was not to impressive to me, so i changed it out for the Nato style one. Seems much more stout and i like the look of it better- getting that thing to fit with the high mount muffler took some time and some precision mounting!

Next were the handlebars, to high and angled for my taste, so put on some Flanders st1100 bars which were lower and flatter and still black 8). As you can see the turn signal stems were removed and the mirrors as well...



Tractor seat wasnt doing me any favors- so put the raceway deluxe on and then lowered it with 2" black springs. Getting the nuts into those springs- by far the most annoying thing ive done on a vehicle in a long time. Took me at least 4 beers to get through that! :cheers:

Was not a fan at all of the plastic YPAN mudflaps... so i ordered 2 more of the front mudflap. Those were too long for my taste so i trimmed them up to my liking. While i was back there got rid of the rear turn signal stalk, and added a first aid kit. Dont miss the zeitgeist license frame plate- best bar/vintage motorcycle hangout in San Fran!

Too keep with the Pacific Northwest/Forest Fog/Cascade Cruiser theme i added the wood Steering dampener and requisite military colored Cascadia Flag Patch i threw on with velcro!



that is sooo nice sure would like to see and hear how you like it on the road, trail.etc.
i did not notice is it 2wheel drive?
since i gave up 2 wheel motorcycles after 50+ years i get the urge to get a hack and seeing yours
get the juices flowing!




VERY cool !!! I have looked at these as well. I was told top speed is 62 mph but likes to cruise at 45-50 mph. Please give us an update after you have put a few thousand miles on it. Thanks.


I don't know why but i am super picky about lights/blinkers on all my motorcycles. That being said the lollipop turn signals and giant brake/tailight just weren't doing it for me. I was all setup to go with the porsche trailer/retro style round lights but in the end i went a different route. I don't mind the stock trapezoids, so i bought a new mount and ordered a sidecar light from Ural Australia, since their sidecars are on the opposite side. I really really like the way it turned out. Looks stock.

I ordered a "heavy duty bullet style" blinker for the front. I wondered what heavy duty meant as i have had bullet turn signals before, when i got them i quickly found out. This light is as heavy as a roll of quarters! Crazy.



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gas can

I realize this is old but hopefully somebody will reply.

I've got a similar setup on a Gearup with a high pipe on the right side and I'm a little sketched out about keeping a container of gas right next to the exhaust.
Anybody care to share opinions .. tell me I'm crazy for worrying about it?



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I wouldn't worry about it as you have airflow through there but you could always put a heat shield on the can carrier. You could even get one of the double walled ones from under a junkyard vehicle if you wanted extra protection.

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Nice set of wheels, Sir. I'm sure its more nimble and a lot quieter that a Prowler. I wouldn't sweat the gas can. As long as t has a tight seal and you're not shooting flames out of your exhaust you should be fine.


I guess i can update this page since a lot has happened!

After some quality control issues with the paint i decided the only way to make sure the whole thing was going to be done right was to repaint it. Every. Single. Peice.

So the disassembly began.

Decided while i was in there to get a bunch of little stuff done, random parts anodized black, unused holes welded closed, flanges on gas tank removed and seats reupholstered:

Redid all plastic wiring loom in the woven classic fabric loom from painless: