My new (to me) 1980 LWB 300GDt


Nice bumpers.

Just one question. Is it legal to drive around with the "shackle horns" in the US? If i were to be pulled over by the police here in Norway, with something like that sticking out of my bumpers, they would put me behind bars before i could spell "lawyer".

Got an idea about the subject. Just have to think it trough before sharing.

Again, like the bumpers.

Scott Brady


The truck looks great. How was the rust at the b-pillar. Did it require much work?

I am interested in the sliders. Does your resource have any interest in making more?
Hi Scott. Not much work at all at the B pillar although we did find that the truck had had some side impact at one point. Nothing that it didn't "shrug off" though. The main rust was the rear driver's side, just below the light, the usual trouble spot.

And, yes, Rodney is all set up to fab sliders for any application. His contact is Phone is 802-738-2428. The bumpers are outstanding as well. Thanks.
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