My new (to me) 1980 LWB 300GDt


Oh Peter please take the star off the hood! It's not factory! :smiley_drive:

Looks like you've been cooking up some fun in your G - glad to see that.

Josh Price, Placentia, CA: wizard with MB turbo-diesel transplants. If you don't have this motor in your vintage G, you need it and Josh can not only source a great one, he can also install it superbly. He might even be able to make a house call to do it. In other words, have him find and ship a motor to you and then fly him in to install it. He's pretty much the nicest and most honest guy you'll ever meet, so he makes a great houseguest. Here's his contact: 714-499-4706

Rodney Brooks, Performance Unlimited, Ascutney, VT: Rodney is living every enthusiast's dream of transforming his hobby into his dayjob, except he's doing it at night. Rodney offers a very unique vehicle modification service if you're a guy like me: you have a busy life with work, family, sports, etc. and you have many projects planned for your truck, but the only time you have to carry out said projects is at night, after work and after kids are asleep. Further, while you fancy yourself a decent mechanic, you may not be quite ready to dive into the big projects without some real pro tools and equipment available and some expert advice when the manual skips a few crucial steps. Well, Rodney's a night owl and keeps night shop hours, like til midnight! Not only that, he's an excellent teacher and loves to have you take part when he's working on your rig, watch him to learn or simply just hang out and do another project while he's tackling the difficult stuff. Rodney's fabbing me up some custom bumpers and integrated sliders for my G and he's also doing some great rust "nip it in the bud" work by surgically removing infected pieces of body panel and replacing it with new welded in pieces. Oh so much cheaper than having to replace whole body panels, especially for those of you who, like me, are not exactly slaves to pristine bodywork. I've attached some pics below of some of Rodney's work so far. His contact is 802-738-2428


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Oh Peter please take the star off the hood! It's not factory! :smiley_drive:

Looks like you've been cooking up some fun in your G - glad to see that.

Not to fear, Hunter. Steve from Eurotruck already sent me the correct emblem. That said, I'm planning on making a necklace out of the star.


Dave Druck [KI6LBB]
Step 1: Find the vehical version of your soulmate on ebay.

Step 2: Have the luck that the Seller is not only a merc diesel conversion master but also an incredibly nice dude all around (Josh Price in Placentia, CA).

Step 3: Have said Seller go through your new G with a fine tooth comb mechanically.

Step 4: Fly from Hartford, CT to Los Angeles, CA with the Pres of your expedition club for $109 each on Expedia.

Step 5: See, touch, feel and drive your vehicular soulmate for the first time.

Step 6: Take said awesome Seller to lunch at equally awesome authentic LA mexican restaurant to close the deal.

Step 7: Hit the road and drive 3000 miles in 3 days flat in a 30 year old G wagon all the way to Vermont with one guy driving and one guy sleeping fetal in the surprisingly comfy rear bench seat.

Step 8: Live happily ever after.
You left out one person involved :D

Glad it worked out dude. Makes me happy to see others happy.
Yes, Dave, thanks for your initial post in the expo classifieds and offering to check it out. I would not have been nearly as confident going in without some good objective hometurf feedback. Thanks, man.


Nice!! Over here, even 30-year old Gs cost a lot of money, if they are in a reasonable condition. I was looking for a G for 4 years, and the only 2 that came into my price bracket at that time were, shall we say "rough"! The cost for me of putting either one right (I'm not much of a mechanic) would have actually made it practical to buy nearly new!

I don't know how it is in the US, but in England, very few were imported in the first place, and they were fitted out and positioned in the market as luxury vehicles. Not surprisingly, at the price MB were charging, few were sold.

I've seen a lot in Europe fitted out more for the LR Defender - type market, and obviously, a fair few ex-military vehicles. The trouble is, by the time I'd seen the ads, the vehicle was sold! They are a very popular truck:)


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I love those trucks! I used to have a matchbox one back in the 80s. It seems to be in a great shape and I can't believe you found it right in my backyard :)

Goodluck with it!

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Any more details on the rocker guards. It looks like they will be made of thicker material, but look stock!?


I'm relieved not to have the only Benz in the club any more.
Geez, I bet that Mog is really loud and stinky on the trail. Good thing you have that huge bed, I bet you could fit like what, two palletts of double stuffed Oreos in there? Just guessing.


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Charlie, in addition to loud and stinky, good thing it isn't prone to rolling as well... Someone told me the other day that you can not be lethally carbon monoxide poisoned by diesel fumes, anyone know if that's true? Due to the header leak I hope it is, although obviously it'll kill brain cells. And yes, two pallets fit well.
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