My new (to me) 1980 LWB 300GDt

Step 1: Find the vehical version of your soulmate on ebay.

Step 2: Have the luck that the Seller is not only a merc diesel conversion master but also an incredibly nice dude all around (Josh Price in Placentia, CA).

Step 3: Have said Seller go through your new G with a fine tooth comb mechanically.

Step 4: Fly from Hartford, CT to Los Angeles, CA with the Pres of your expedition club for $109 each on Expedia.

Step 5: See, touch, feel and drive your vehicular soulmate for the first time.

Step 6: Take said awesome Seller to lunch at equally awesome authentic LA mexican restaurant to close the deal.

Step 7: Hit the road and drive 3000 miles in 3 days flat in a 30 year old G wagon all the way to Vermont with one guy driving and one guy sleeping fetal in the surprisingly comfy rear bench seat.

Step 8: Live happily ever after.

Michael Slade

I *heart* the Wigwam Motel. I also *heart* that you actually stayed there. Very nice indeed!

Oh yeah, the G ain't bad either. :victory:

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Its pretty cool to first see this thing for sale in the classifieds section of Expo, 3000 miles away, and then watch a neighbor buy it, and drive it home to the Northeast. Quite an adventure from the looks of it. Good on'ya.


Root Moose

Expedition Leader
What were you messing around with under the truck in those fuel station shots? Some kind of an oil leak?

Indiana Drew

Great looking truck! I have found that long drives in the 1980 truck are not hugely different then long drives in the 2002 truck as far as the ride ... Sure noise level and ambient engine heat might be more noticeable in the older trucks, but as you say, it is a 30 year old vehicle ... :smiley_drive:
If the G is your soulmate is the Series a mistress?
(laughing) That late model IIa actually belongs to VTXS President, Jamil Abbasy. He's also the genius behind the photography, not only for the G wagon mission, bug also all of the pics you see on the vtxs website (he's a dentist by trade!)
I *heart* the Wigwam Motel. I also *heart* that you actually stayed there. Very nice indeed!

Oh yeah, the G ain't bad either. :victory:
It was awesome, Mike. We'd been up since 4:30 to make the flight from CT, so we had planned on stopping for a few hours to sleep the first night and we really wanted to make it as far as the Wigwam. We called ahead when we knew we were within range and the owner just took my cc # and said she'd leave the key under the mat. We pulled in at 1 am, drank a beer or two and just passed out. Place was spotlessly clean and very comfortable. Got up at daybreak, left the key in the room and took off. It was the perfect efficient stop off and it was great to see all the antique cars parked in front of the wigwam rooms.

Recommended books for Overlanding