My New Project Isuzu FTS 4x4 1999

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Some of the first pictures of how I received the truck from the auction.


And off we go on the highway, a bit of balance on the bed.


When waiting outside the port it revealed some very bad extension of the chassis,!


Finally got the box off the chassis, so now we can start the cleaning work.


Cutting off the extension of the chassis and some steam cleaning looks so much better now.


The beginning of the new frame, I am planning for an over cab bed also, so total of 4 sleeping capacity.


Getting ready for painting, so off with all the diesel tank and battery etc. and a lot of sanding works and then ready for the painting of chassis.


Maybe a year before finished, can’t wait to get it on the road as a camper.

Take Care.


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Interesting read !

You plan on keeping the dual wheels on the back ?
Hi Arjan,I foresee most of my driving will be on the road and maybe sometime on the beach but I am not going offroad so my plan is to try the dual wheels first, and then change to single to get the feeling of it. I will change the tyres not sure what type but I guess some big All Terrain


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Makes sense - esp. for the highway use.

Dual is less ideal in the soft (resistance) and debris gets easily caught in between the 2 tires.

Many words have been written on truck tires and what type in what terrain so that will be a tough one.

Cutting off that rear section makes a much better looking chassis to work from.

Looking forward to this build !

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Some progress again on the build, Torsion sub-frame 3 mounts. very happy with the outcome.

Torsion free sub-frame back left.PNG

Torsion free sub-frame back.

Torsion free sub-frame back from the back inside..PNG

It takes forever to make a spacer, busing steel pin, etc

Torsion free sub-frame front1.PNG

All made so it can be removed again if needed.

Torsion free sub-frame front2.PNG

Front of sub-frame bit excited to see it when twisting.

Torsion free sub-frame back from the back.PNG

Getting ready to lift the box back up on the sub-frame.

Box is getting loaded back.PNG

Box still needs a lot of work.

Box back on truck right side.PNG
Box back on truck left side.PNG

Super happy.

The Box on the truck.PNG

Box back on the truck, only for testing if it still fits and it did, thanks to my support staff. now we just need to weld it all together and blast & paint etc. etc.

Take Care,


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Cleaning the cockpit and inside of the truck & miscellaneous work.

Cockpit cleaning.PNG

After a good wash down of the interior, (maybe the first one in 20 Years) I bought this Armor All Cockpit shine! first, it didn't make any change but after reading and follow the instruction, it makes it shine as it was new and just came out from the factory.

Cockpit left door before cleaning2.PNG


Cockpit left door after cleaning.PNG

and after,

Cockpit left door before cleaning3.PNG

shocking how it did look like,

Cockpit left door after cleaning1.PNG

and after lots of hard elbow grease, its shines.

Cockpit cleaning front.PNG

Even the dashboard got back its glory shines.

Cockpit cleaning front1.PNG

Did you notice that?

Cockpit cleaning front2.PNG

NO. Only 14900 Km !!! over 20 years.

Inspection of Air comp1.PNG

Inspection of the Air Compressor, its like new.

Inspection of Air comp.PNG

In addition, I just received my Solar Panels each 235w total of 6 panels and MPP solar 5 Kw charge controller but more about that in another upload.

Take Care.

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Received my LED Clearance Light, Toilet, Solar Mpp Controller & Solar Panels.

Truck clearance marker light.PNG

20 Side clearance maker light.

Truck clearance marker light1.PNG

Top Clearance Light.

Large Push Lock.PNG

40 Large Push Lock for cabinets.

Thetford C220 cassette Toilet.PNG

Thetford C220 Casset Toilet.

Thetford C220 cassette Toilet1.PNG

Not the cheapest Toilet to buy.

Solar Controller Mpp1.PNG

MPP Solar Charge Controller.

Solar Controller Mpp.PNG

5Kw 48V 220-240VAC and you can relocate the display so you see what power you get from the Solar Panels etc.

BP Solat BP3235T.PNG

7 BP Solar I will only use 6.

BP Solat BP3235T1.PNG

6 solar panels in 2 series and 3 in Parallel should make it approximately give 58V 23.5 Apms 1.4KW I hope.

Take care,
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This is going to be impressive when your done! So what is the fuel mileage like on these Isuzu's?
Hi, sorry for my late reply, I didn't see your message.

I don't know now what the fuel consumption per kilometers will be when finished but Diesel in the Middle East is very cheap compared to many other countries, so I am not that concerned about the cost but more like how long I can drive before empty.

I have about 370-liter diesel now and when I get it finished and registered, I can take it out for a long drive then I will know how long the 1 tank can give me and if not enough I will fit an 800-liter tank.