My new candle lanterns

I'm still loving mine! There was a really bad ice storm here at the ranch last week and the REA was out for a day and a half. I used my Bushlites that evening and was really impressed by how much light they provided. I also had fun using them in my tent at the Overland Expo this year.

Last spring, I was messing around with one of the lanterns and accidentally broke the glass. I emailed the lady in South Africa who owns Bushlite and she fixed me up with some replacements within 2 weeks. I just can't say enough good things about how great Bushlite is to deal with. Really great customer service and product!


I have one somewhere, I was looking for it to see who made it but all I found was the spare candles for it LOL
The one I have is about 30 years old....

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What an enlightening, helpful post! Do tell us more.
Not to denigrate anyone's gear choices, my candle lantern served well for many years, but I switched to LEDs decades ago... the UCO resides on the museum shelf now with its match safe...
What's best for the individual is up to the individual, IMO.


I enjoyed the thread-read. The Bushlite in brass is a thing of beauty.
We had two UCOs in camp for years, gave them to a friend when we switched to LED.
There is a place for both for sure. Though I wouldn't chance hanging a candle lantern from the ridgeline of our hammocks : )

We did recently add a stovetec firefly lantern for some flame-ambiance in camp (with all the burn bans we had to think outside the fire-ring.) We run pellets in it and it's a fun addition (has a spot for a camp pot if u want to boil too. ~1 cup pellets = ~60min burn). as a PS edit... the pellets we use (Cascade, available at HD) weigh in at about 3 cups to a pound. The bag is a 40lb ~120 ish burns?? for ~$5 a bag. Cheap entertainment.

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Well mine arrived the other day and we ran the first candle thru it last night, the wife thinks its adorable!

We were really surprised at how much light it puts out, dwarfing the tea lights she had going at the same time. Now I will need to go find a supply of 7/8" candles!


Posted this in another thread; repeated here -- it's the polar opposite approach.

I made a few of these over ten years ago as an expedient and darn if they are not all still functional. Dented, fugly, but usable.

Any candles seem to work. Skinny candles drip down and once the bottom is filled they last a long time. Cost is zero. :)

Congrats jerdog53 on your new purchase! Glad you like your Bushlite. I think this brass lantern really is a thing of beauty. Good luck with it.