My Mojave Road video and pictures - report.


I decided to put some fun into my trip to NAB convention in Las Vegas this year.....took the historic and famous "mojave road" 150miles offroad in 2 days thru the California desert.....solo.

Captured with My Nikon D4, Canon s100, iphone5 and some video with GoproHD

Started by buying a book....reading up on it....watching some videos on youtube.....

I bought a GARMIN 2595 at costco for $299.

Bought a TJM recovery kit to go with my winch I recently installed, a shovel, a 48' Hi-lift extreme w/offroad base, 2 Rotopax 2 gallon fuel cans all in preparation for the trip.

Since I have no roof rack yet.... I bought the expensive rotopax because Larry from Dirty parts, swore they do not smell up the cabin so I could carry them inside.

Guess what? he was 100% right....They sat full in my truck for 2 days until I used them. No fumes, no smell. Just like he said. They are awsome! Expensive.....but versatile and thin....can fit many places.....

I going to keep doing this until I find a better solution to mount them or get a roof rack.

I also bought a spare tie-rod.....and packed alot of food even more WATER and plenty of tools.....especially all the tools to change a tie rod. Most important a big F Hammer. oh yeah duct tape and zip ties too!

I gave my GPS route coordinates to my stepdad so he would know where i should be in case I went missing or a good nights sleep and .....

Left early morning.... leaving the LA and watching the sunrise over the California desert....

The official start of the "Mojave Road". Mile 0. Where pavement turns into dirt. (going west to east). Harvard road exit....

I think I'm lost......already....stupid GPS didn't want to go into offroad mode.....argh....

Okay....I found the "wash" for the mojave river....this is technically the trail a few mins later my gps decided to finally go into offroad mode.

The road to Afton Canyon campground. Finding my way

Beautiful day in the desert....this must be the best time of year to do this trip...not hot, not cold.....just perfect.

Crossing the Mojave river....thankfully it was low.

...another Crossing of the Mojave River...a few miles later.

Union Pacific, couldn't of timed it better!

Following the train tracks ....

Came across this deer having a drink in the the time I grabbed the camera he started to run. SO much life out there this time of year.

Got a bit lost in the I climbed up to the top of one and took a look around.....there is a house out there... crazy......who lives out here??

hahaha......having some fun in the dry lake bed! Always wanted to do this!!
No front the car got a bit leaned over and just then I decided to stop being an idiot....seeing as I was flying solo.

Rocky section before "soda lake"

These rock piles are called "Cairns" which is a Irish work for.....a pile of rocks! They have been put up over the years to act as a guide to travelers...always on your left side (if traveling west to east). This is what you did before GPS!!

Woohoo!! ZZyZx rd!!!

Reached the border of the Mojave Natural preserve area. Right before you get to Soda lake.

Reached the famous "Travelers Monument". Legend has it that when you start your journey you have to pick up a rock...once you get to the monument you add your rock to the pile and make a wish. Once completing you journey safely you wish will come true. naturally I added a few and made my wishes! Also there is a sign there meant just for travelers.



Stopped to have lunch......and take some more shots...

I left 2 special rocks there....hope I can find them there next time....

It's a brasilian wouldn't understand....hahaha

One dedicated to my father. who since I was a kid has always given me the lust to explore the world we live in and showed me by example....riding his motorcycles all over the world and living in 8 different far.

Time to head out.....this is the path thru the soda lake.

then back into the desert.

The desert is in full bloom of spring at the moment....This Cactus is called a "Desert PaintBrush"

....the road is not always....level.... :rocker:

Reached the milestone and more or less halfway mark. The Mojave road travelers logbook! Very patriotic moment I was having so I captured it.

logbook! Leave your name, a note....a drawing.....but leave your mark! Don't ask what inside the will have to go there to find out.

...and yes....I added the FJ forums sticker :rocker::rofl::clap:

The Joshua Trees.....were plenty and beautiful..

The road goes on...

End of day one.....Setting up my campsite before it gets too dark....or cold.

Good morning! time to make some breakfast!

This place is called "Government wells" and it has the dubios honor or the last official "cowboy" gunfight. 1927 !! Both cowboys shot each other over a land rights dispute and both of them died. They were both famous top shots.

Many livestock still come here to drink water...cause it smelled like sss.

Goverment Wells.

the "rock house"



Piute mountains

(Small camera geek moment)
This photo really shows the power of the NIKON D4 and today's digital sensors...My car is outside in bright sunlight and the inside of this abandoned house was completely shaded and in the dark....amazing that I can get exposure in both at the same time. I should of taken it with my iphone and Canon s100 just to show the difference.

Stone desert cabin...abandoned...

One of 2 groups of travelers I came across, They had 6 Baja Bugs in thier group. This guy was the leader. The other group (no pics) was a Land Rover club maybe 10 trucks.

Not stock....but super cool!! Pretty awesome!

Another roadside "attraction" The "Money Tree" you know...for good luck...

.left a dedication to my mom and my stepdad...James. Hopefully it will bring us all some Financial luck!!

The abandoned schoolbus. Another famous roadside attraction.

Did I mention the desert is in full spring bloom? No saturation adjustment! these flowers were so bright!! amazing!!

What is left of US. ARMY Fort Piute where soldiers were stationed to protect the US Mail route in 1867. Can you imagine being stuck living here back then??

you can see a fireplace in the back there.

Well thats it.....156 miles later.....pavement. I safely reached the end of the Mojave road.

dust almost baked onto my rims....

I just like to thank my Toyota for getting me home safely after this unforgettable trip...thx for designing such a strong reliable vehicle...didn't let me down since I bought it 3 years ago...I love my FJ!!

In case you sere wondering.... 1 full tank of gas plus the extra 4 gallons I took.....this is how I ended the time I'll bring a bit more for safety.....

Road back to Vegas....



What I used to document my trip... My trusty Nikon D4, Panther fluid head & RR Mattebox, .9 .nd grad filter a must have for desert shooting.... altough some of the images you see(the crappy ones) were also made with my iphone 5 and my canon S100

...and that's the end of that adventure....what an appropriate place to end.

I'm sure I will do it again, with friends next time...and check out some of the things I missed.....kelso dunes...some mines etc....

I took a calculated risk going solo.....but It is very rewarding.....something about knowing you are on your own. Stoping when you want to eat....take a break...shot a photograph etc.... it was an awesome experience.....


Great write up! Awesome photos & vids. We just did the road about a month ago and you're right... It's a great time of year to do it! All that rain a few months back really brought it alive.


hahaha! awesome the sticker is still alive! I figured since it was a prime spot it would get covered up fast!

Thanks! I'm glad everyone is enjoying the video and the report.


New member
Very cool, I have always wanted to make that trek. I am pretty sure the deer you saw was a Desert bighorn ewe. Thanks for a great write up and photos


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Great pics and video. I'm hoping to make it out there next year. Might be able to add it to a Death Valley trip. Thanks for all the extra effort you put into the vid. I know it takes a lot to do drive bys etc.

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