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No matter what religious belief you have, I've always thought there's a reason why the spelling of the word DOG spelled backwards has a profound meaning to us who can fully relate as to why that is. EVERY day I'm with my dog, I'm reminded of the special bond that so many of have with our dog, no matter your religious preference is. DOG be with you Jerry.


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The words "condolences for the loss of Yukon" can not cover how I feel for you.

Hope Tanner understands and will help you like ours do in these periods.

Cherish the memories.

You had no choice.

Sterkte !


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My very first post ever.........and I have followed your entire Journey.

Hard to put into the right words, but I will try. You have brought a dimension into my life I have not found anywhere else in the electronic world.

When I need to be cheered up, check out of my immediate circle of society pressures, get refreshed or just and need an escape, I look for one of your posts. I get excited when I see you have been back on the front page of forums.

Of course this time I knew it wasn't going to be good news or wouldn't cheer me up. I've never been fond of, actually avoid, getting attention when someone close to me passes away.

So all I want to say is what I learned to tell myself whether a person or a dog partner leaves in body:

"Time doesn't heal, but time does allow us to accept and further understand, that we will never know the why's or the meaning of it all"

"So it's best to just re-engage to do justice to them. To apply that chunk they left in us that sits in the area near top of our stomachs, that place that gives us butterfly's and a big smile when we think of all the great memories...........and realize (regardless of religion or not) they do live forever through us, in our actions, in that chunk or spirit they left above our stomachs, and it's our job to recover in order to pass on all that goodness."

I hope this is taken okay, it is very well intended.


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First of all, my deepest condolences. I echo what Ace said.

Second, I want to thank you for taking the time and energy to post your adventures (or journey) on here for me, so I can take a 'minute vacation' when needed. I have followed this thread closely for years and always look forward to a new post. I have never posted before, because I never felt I had anything to add to your AMAZING story. But I had to post now just to say I'm deeply sorry for the loss of your best friend.

Stay strong...



Jerry, I'm so very sorry. Yukon was a very special dog. My heart goes out to you. Yukon will cross Rainbow Bridge and join Montana. They will be safe and watch over you and Tanner. I think we are all choked up. This is never easy. There is a piece of all of us that follow your journey. Will be thinking of you during the days ahead. jd
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Even though we all knew it was coming, it didn't make it easier to hear about Yukon. I'm sure you are sad and I'm sad for you.

Thanks for letting us follow along in your travels, I really enjoy the pictures and stories.

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No doubt you've noticed that I saved a few slots on pages 172 & 173 and my plan here is to go back one day and insert some writings about life with Yukon. I've been working on it for awhile now.....I want my writings to be as perfect as they can be.....but I already know that it won't be. It's so very difficult.....there's so many amazing, amazing memories.....just so amazing.....

This post begins from where I last left off.....

We hated to leave the place where Yukon would get yet one more nickname (Sky Dog).....we were on the road reluctantly that morning continuing to drive south (the rains were coming). I had been on my road atlas the night before and once again and had decided that we'd visit another national monument that I happened to see on the atlas.....


This one I had googled beforehand and I knew what I wanted to see.....the cave. The entire southern portion of the monument was closed to visitors due to the construction of the border wall but that had no effect on our plans.....we came only for the cave.....



The hike up the mountainside to the cave entrance was short but it just seemed to take forever.....I just don't know why.....



People don't come here.....and that was really nice.....



It was so great that this cave was left lights, no stairways, no nothing.....headlamps required.....a place to get dirty.....



With two dogs anxiously awaiting our return we didn't stay all that long.....the cave was great.....

I think there's nothing better than returning to the truck and seeing two dogs that act like you've been gone for days or weeks.....even months !

Later that day we drove east.....hoping to avoid the impending storms that were coming very soon.....



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I enjoyed "caving" when I was younger but since have developed this phobia of confined spaces? Seeing your pictures makes me want to try it again, but I'd hate spaz out and need to be rescued!

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