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Thanks Jerry! Wisdom and Jackson are terrific little burgs, and it looks like either Hirschy Peak or Homer Young's Peak is pictured shrouded by clouds. We love that area beyond most all others.

Various iterations of the Continental Divide Trail for touring cyclists, motorcyclists, and even 4WDs pass along MT 43 and/or MT 278 and/or the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway. In 2015, we exited the Big Hole via Medicine Lodge Creek along the Big Sheep Creek Backcountry Byway. We'd picked up bags of apples, oranges, and tangerines + a case of bottled water earlier that morning back in Dillon where I'd gone for diesel and ice. All of the goodies were in a big cooler in the back of the truck and all was for offering to cyclists on the CDT as it traverses the BSCBB. The second group we encountered waved happily at our speed reduction to a crawl as we overtook them. We proceeded a half mile or so to a point just out of their sight and pulled off to set out some "trail magic". As it turned out, the group of 6 were Germans and only two of them spoke much English. By that time, pretty much all of my high school and college German had long since departed from my brain cells, but we nonetheless enjoyed about 30 minutes of fellowship with our "new best friends". They ate and drank like there was no tomorrow, smiling all the while.

Keep it coming, Jerry, keep it coming!



Ohh, ohh, I just realized the last pics are not the Beaverheads/Bitterroots but are instead looking east from MT 278 just coming down the grade from Big Hole Pass into the Grasshopper Creek drainage. Thus they show the Pioneer Mtns Scenic Byway carving along the east side of Grasshopper Creek at the base of the near hill. That means it's a peak in the East Pioneers in the pic. Mount Baldy? Polaris Mtn? We overnighted at the Montana High Country Lodge, just out of the picture to the left, in September 2018. The Grasshopper Valley is Da Bomb, isn't it?

EDIT: It's Mt Baldy. The Tash Livestock ranch with the red barn is in the creek bottom below the Parkway. In 1978 one of my U of Montana buddies said he was going to just stop by one day "to see if that ranch family has any daughters". I know you're long gone now, but I can give you a few awesome hiking ideas in the East Pioneers.

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ITTOG.....that's pretty cool that you gave peak bagging a try. Can I assume that you are addicted ? I've never done Mt. St. Helen's and I'm not sure why I haven't. Of course I've climbed most of the volcanoes in Washington but I never got to that one..... could be correct as I have no idea. We sat in construction traffic that day and I kept staring at that mountain and of course was thinking that I need to climb it one day. And yes that area of Montana is fantastic. It amazes me how much you know about the area. Using your own words....."keep it coming" Foy.....

Today is June 21, 2020.....the first day of summer.....snow yesterday and last night here in Montana.....I love it.....


For people that have been reading my blog for awhile now you'll recall that last summer I spent a few weeks helping out a friend on her small ranch property in southwest Montana. Unfortunately this year my friend was diagnosed with cancer and has left the area for treatment, therefore I decided to return to the property and help out once again. The first thing I did when I arrived was to take the camper off the truck.....


The second thing I did was to plug into shore power and what a difference that makes. Life is easier with debating that fact. And the third thing I did was to jump into that hot shower. It's just amazing to be able to shower every single day.....damn I love that.....

The morning views outside my kitchen table window are remarkable.....




The dogs.....well, they just love it here too. They're back out roaming the land and hanging out with some of their buddies that they made friends with last summer.....


The Jeep is now a doghouse for Tanner.....he lays in the back of that Jeep and basks in the filtered sun.....


We had a birthday party for Yukon the traveling dog.....she turned eleven a few weeks cream cones at McDonald's didn't last long enough for pictures.....



Life is simple here.....we are healthy and we are happy.....what more could we want or ask for.....

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Jerry and Foy, 4 years ago we also visited the Big Hole Battlefield. We stood there in silence looking at the teepee poles. We had spent the previous night up in the Pioneer Mountains in Vipond Park camped in the pine trees thanks to Foy. Can't wait for late September.
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Looking back, we had similar feelings and thoughts when we visited the Little Big Horn Battlefield and looked out on the battlefield and grave yard where the 7th Calvary were killed and buried. Our visit was shortly after they had built the Native American monument.
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Foy is our Montana tour guide. We will be heading to Ennis, then down the Gravely Road Scenic Byway south to the Centennial Scenic Byway, East to Henry's Fork to fish, then Crater of the Moon NM, Stanley and fishing on the Salmon, McCall, ID and some camping and fishing, Clearwater River and Hwy. 12 over the Lolo pass back to Montana. My great grandfather was one of the first Norwegian's to settle in Big Timber. My grandmother was born there in 1884. My cousins still own large cattle and sheep ranches around Big Timber. The Indian teepee rocks still remain along the ridge with holes dug by my father in the 30's looking for treasures. Early October for a visit on our way home. If you get to Big Timber stop at the Grand Hotel for an amazing meal. Both you and Foy should write a book. jd
SV.....those are the Bridgers. I'm currently holed up in the Gallatin Valley with great views of the Bridgers and the Spanish Peaks. Everyday I wake up thankful here. I try to get up early every morning to watch the sunrise with my hot mug of coffee. As I post this it's 5:25 a.m. and this is what I see.....

20190626_052513-1600x778.jpg stories. That's great that you and Foy will be hanging out together in Montana and Idaho. I would imagine that the fall colors will have begun to show up high by then. How long is your planned trip? Are you camping ? Should be a special trip.....

So now that I'm going to be stationary for a bit, maybe even until September first, I thought I'd share a few pictures from the past few months of travel, and eventually I'll post up on what I'm doing on my summer vacation. Here's a few vehicles that I photographed along the way.....




Often people will admire my rig.....but when parked next to something like this you'd think my rig was invisible. I think we all love the behemoth rigs from foreign countries that travel the U.S. highways.....



This old beater is simply amazing.....



I believe that that is the new Jeep pickup all tricked out. I'll take my old beater anyday.....


I'm guessing that the idea here is that he travels slowly.....


That's all I got for cool vehicles.....I see so many on the road.....not high priority for my camera I guess.....
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I shoot the weird, strange vehicles too. I’ve got lots on my phone but digging through 10,000+ to find one or two is near impossible. I really liked that old Ford with home built camper.

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Looks like a late 1950s NAPCO conversion Chevy or GMC. NAPCO did the 4WD conversion and they were sold through the regular dealer network. Whatever the provenance, it's a totally cool truck. My favorite is the IH Scout half-cab. I've got a '65 and a '67, one a Scout 80 and the newer a Scout 800. The part of Montana in which Jerry is holed up has long been a good place to spot 1960s IH Scouts, probably since they were then sold through the IH tractor and truck dealerships.



Jerry, will be camping in our Four Wheel Camper. Foy won't be there. We met on Wander the West. He has that love for Montana that you and I have. I'm hoping to wander into North Carolina in the future and meet Foy in person. Hoping get as much fly fishing in as possible. jd
Thanks for posting up guys.....I love the feedback.....

So now I'm "holed up" (as Foy appropriately put it) here in southwest Montana and I've become a very busy man (more about that when I do my "what I'm doing on my summer vacation post"). Anyhow, I was talking to the guy that lives up the road and one thing led to another and I found myself considering the purchase of this vintage truck camper.....



The owner tells me that everything is just needs some love.....



He has no idea what year it was built.....couldn't recall who the manufacturer was. I did find this.....


He's asking $100 but also said he'd entertain my offer if I thought that was too much. I'm not sure that my conscience would let me negotiate off that price.....especially since the guy just celebrated his 80th birthday.....doesn't seem right.....





With all that being said, is it worth the effort & the time restoring it ? Looks like it could be it fun ? We are still thinking about it.....