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A large number of states DMV laws now require a "Toad" vehicle (flat towed) to be equipped with brakes that are actuated by the tow vehicle. Worth checking with your local DMV in the state in which your vehicle is registered to see if these laws now apply to those flat towing their "Toad".
DWH.....I bought the 6,500 lb. rated Blue Ox tow hitch that you linked to go along with the Renegade motorhome that I purchased last year but when I made the switch back to the pickup truck we couldn't make it work. I left it in the Renegade.....

DWH / Vintageracer.....I own a brake system very similar to the one that you (DWH) linked but mine began to malfunction and I left it at a friend's shop on the east coast last year.....unfortunately I never saw it again. I'm reluctant to purchase another as my days traveling in this camper may be coming to an end. I'm contemplating some new ideas.....

I certainly didn't come to the Great Salt Lake to see the Spiral a matter of fact I'm not much of a fan of art at the expense of nature.....


I came to the Spiral Jetty because I thought it would be remote.....and that idea turned out to be correct as I pretty much had the place to myself.....


I'd read that people like to photograph the Great Salt Lake.....




I too enjoy taking photographs so long as it's point and shoot.....



Aged wood once had a purpose.....I have no idea what that purpose was.....



The salt in the water gives a reddish tone to the waters surface.....


Just to the north of the lakes edge is a small doubt about it.....this was my favorite place to hang out.....



For me it was the views.....for the dogs it was whatever crawled around in that tall grass.....


The sunset on night one (our only night camped here) were pretty darn good.....



We had a birthday party for Tanner that night.....time sure does fly.....


At 7:30 a.m. the following morning we had a visit from law enforcement. They wondered how we made it through security at Golden Spike National Historic Park as there was a huge event planned there and this entire area had been closed. Law enforcement was as respectful as could possibly be but we got the boot.....


It was a beautiful morning.....and a beautiful day.....



the deputy

I'm dumbstruck by the spectacular sweeping views of your journey. It's almost hard to believe spots like this exist.

As always, thank you for taking the time to post your travels here.


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It will be a sad day when once again the title changes (you think no one would notice?) to something like My Journey on the Road Has Ended... for now.
You should write children's books about your travels told thru the eyes of your adventure dogs.
I agree, I’ve tried to convince Jerry he has the makings for a book here. But I really like the idea of a children’s book from a dog’s perspective. Such a book might get some kids away from the screens for a bit. Now I’ve got to get away from mine.

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DWH.....I didn't have any issues with your post (I liked it just now). Seriously, you answered Arjans questions perfectly which I had no idea how to do (obviously). When it comes to most anything technical, or that requires a brain, I'm pretty much lost. You are the man when it comes to that type of stuff. And thanks for the comment on my rig.....its worked well with the style of life I live.....

Brian (the deputy).....I'm with you on that first comment. I begin and end so many days looking out at these amazing views and I never fail to be thankful for what I've been given. And you are very welcome.....

OverlandNA.....I never was comfortable with the name change and I've noticed that the other guy that was using it has quit posting so I finally decided to go back to the old name. I'm glad he quit since I've had that title since 2012. Regarding a book, that'll never happen. I just like to wander around a lot.....'s your travels going ?

This mornings post is quite different than most posts that I typically have here. Over the past few months I've alluded to possibly ending these truck camper travels and I thought I'd share with the people that follow this thread exactly what my thoughts are regarding this. The pictures attached in this post are pictures of pictures that I took while attending the SPIKE 150 event (Google it) in Promontory, Utah.....

So I've been kicking around four options and here they are:



Option #1: Continue doing what I'm doing. Maybe hang out in Montana for the summer or possibly head north into Canada (fuel appears to be quite expensive) into the Northwest Territories and drive to the Artic Ocean ending in Tuktoyaktok. A few years ago I was at the beginning of that highway that heads north and I elected not to go there. I've kind of regretted that decision. And then I'd go somewhere else after that.....



Option #2: I'd purchase a used (2015 to 2018) smallish gasoline powered pickup truck (Ford F-150 or Toyota Tacoma or similar) and a smallish truck camper (Four Wheel camper or similar) and drive south through Central America, then ship the rig to Colombia and drive all the way to Ushahia, Argentina. Then I'd turn around and drive back of course. As I've stated previously, I love everything South America.....7 trips there in this lifetime of mine.....I could never tire of South America.....



Option #3: Hike the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal. I love hiking and I love Nepal (although I've only visited Nepal once). I've been researching this possibility and it's actually possible. It would be 1,700 kilometers of sheer bliss and madness hiking the east west route through the Himalayas across Nepal. I've been training for this but I've not reached my goals. I'm close but I'm not sure that close is close enough.....



Option #4: Today this option is very appealing to me.....purchase a tract of land, build myself a small log cabin, and settle down for a bit. I'm not that far from saying that I've been on the road for two years. I'm tired. We all have different limits, different likes and dislikes, and different comfort zones. I miss my comfy recliner that awaits me in my storage unit.....


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My neighbor across the street came over with his coffee cup in hand, sat down at my kitchen table and said “I’m conflicted!” He had some big choices to make. I gave him my opinion.

Your choices reminded of his delima. Like him I’m going to offer an opinion: option #4 settling down in that cabin. Your dogs will love it for one. You say your tired. Me too. I traveled full time on the road for 8 1/2 years but finally settled down. Looked for a small cabin with no luck, but I like my house and shop. But as you noticed I still travel a lot. I consider my lifestyle the best of both worlds. But at 75 even my 5-10 day trips wear me down. I dropped out early on my last trip from too much rain, and cancelled another cause it would have been too tiring for me. I has my limits. No travel for awhile. I’m home and enjoying the early summer weather here in Western Colorado.

Funny I see your name change when I open the thread but it still says Walking the Line when it announces new posts.


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If you are tired of the road, build the cabin. Hopefully you will post your progress as part of your journey here. The other options will still be there when you get the itch again.


As much as I am truthful in saying I'm chained to my desk (still working full time in my CPA practice at age 64 and will be for some time to come), and as much as my wife and I enjoy traveling, including long-ish trips to Montana and Utah, I cannot imagine being away from home for extended periods of time which would also keep us away from and inaccessible to our two sons and two grandchildren. We're increasingly orienting our plans around including the 6 year-old boy and his 3 year sister, and we couldn't be happier about doing so.


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You sell yourself short. You may not be technical but you clearly are very insiteful about human nature and the outdoors. We can see that in your posts.

As for the options, I of course like four the least. If you go that route, do you think it will end all travel or just slow down a lot. Not that you need to answer to me. I just like reading your reports and hope to continue reading them until I can retire. Regardless of your decision, God bless and thanks for the reports and conversations.

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Only you knows whats best for you. We will support whichever choice you make. The Pan America route is amazing, I have done tiny parts- my brother the entirety.

Could drive to Tuk- and ship to Ushahia, Argentina and drive back up north or something like that. You can also pick rigs up down there, for good deals as folks have finished and want to fly back.

Home does also sound good, pros and cons. stay at home some, drive some....


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Jerry, I am a 2 1/2 year follower first time poster to this amazing thread. I,m not going to say you have seen everything North America has to offer, but a very large chunk. Perhaps a fusion option of #2 and #4 would be my suggestion. Head to South America find a small town worth living in and set up a home base to explore from. Seems to me that you are about the journey, so either way make it a rewarding one.
And THANK YOU for sharing with us. It is an amazing piece of work that you have put together.


Jerry, lots of choices. As others of stated you know yourself better than we do. I've enjoyed riding along on this journey. If I was the one faced with the decision, I would buy the land, build a cabin, and take many 2-4 week trips, returning to the home base to re-charge my batteries. I say that because my wife and I have no desire to go Mexico or South America. We aren't big hikers so Nepel isn't a consideration. We have so much to see in our country that will keep us busy for the next 11 years until I'm 80. One thing for sure is I'm riding along until you stop typing😊