My homegrown pop top camper


Beginning of the end!

Well, its been a long coupe of weeks since i last posted. It doesn't look like i got much done, but here we go.......

Below is the result of 3 coats of 50/50 mineral spirits, spar urethane, 2 coats of staright spar urethane, and 2 coats of rustoleum gloss white enamel. Doing some finish work to the inside and then i'll get the top ready and hopefully put it on next week end.

Beginning of the end! by rdraider72, on Flickr
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A shot of the inside. This is one, actually two, of those cheapo sleeping mats found at the mega discount store. Cost something like $5.88 a piece. I figured its worth a try.

This will be the base pad for the sleeping area and the pad for a seat. The blank section is the lid for a storage area under the bed.

Inside detail by rdraider72, on Flickr[/IMG]


Head room is good, just in the back half. Which is acceptable because i will only be siting or laying down in the front half. OK now for some updated pics!

Here is good view of the rear door. The top half flips up and acts as a little roof, the bottom half is pretty standard. On the inside of the top half is a screen that folds towards the front. It works pretty good. It does take away from the head room a little, but i can live with it.

Double door by rdraider72, on Flickr

Right side:

Right side by rdraider72, on Flickr

Left side

Left side by rdraider72, on Flickr

OK, a little explaination, for more breathability, I wanted some windows a little higher up in the rig. For now i'll use some window screening that will roll down and cover the gap while the 'window' is not installed. You'll see the insert in one of the next pictures. The rest of the sides forward of the window simply fold in during travel.

Top stowed ready for travel!

Ready for travel by rdraider72, on Flickr

From the door looking to the left:

Inside left side by rdraider72, on Flickr

From the door looking to the right:

Inside right side by rdraider72, on Flickr

From the bed looking to the left:

Inside back wall left by rdraider72, on Flickr

From the bed looking to the right:

Inside back wall right by rdraider72, on Flickr

Thanks for looking!


Well, I got it loaded, just a few things left here and there. It will be an evolving work from now on. The hard part is done. Now to take it out and see what works and what doesn't.

Loaded! by rdraider72, on Flickr

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