My FZJ80 Overland Build


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Love the color! Same color as on my new 80, best color for the 80's hands down!

BTW, I need a snorkel!



Snorkel looks right at home on your 80. Awesome pics on the Furlough Exploration trip report... Now that's the way to spend furlough time. What's next for the cruiser? Heading west anytime?
Just some small things to tweak after really using everything over the last year, mostly just tracking down some rattles with the drawers. The only big ticket item I'd like would be some sliders, Thinking BIO step sliders to give that stock look to them. As for going west, yes I think Joshua Tree and the Mojave RD are up on my radar, well see how the rest of the winter shapes up.


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Hey there I am a new member, I just read your whole thread. I started on the john and got red indents on my knees, walked the dog like a fombie and now just finished up in bed.

Nice ride bro!!

I have been planning to obtain an 80 for a few years now but a 78 bronco crossed my path and I have a buncha 1 ton ford parts Ive been packing around for 15 years now since before I got married lol. Im gonna1 ton it with dana 60s I think and have some fun.

Im saving up to build a LC like yours. If you dont mind me asking .... Whats a ballpark value for someone doing this the same way you did by finding a nice foundation truck and doing it all right instead of buying a done truck that may not have been done right.
Im planning on winch. rear swing out bumper like yours. Rtt. Lockers and air comp. 4" lift. sliders. Skids.

Thanks for the thread I really enjoyed your pics and obvious methodical research.

Merry xmas


First off welcome to EXPO!

I'm glad you enjoyed the build so far(we all know its never done!). I think your on the right track in the 20-25 range. If you find the right 80 at the right time you could do it for less.
But it really depends on your needs and goals for the build and most importantly were you want to go. For some a stock rig with a fridge and maybe a tent might be "done right" and in that case you would save a ton of coin, and in all reality go almost any were you dare. For me I love building and tinkering with my Cruiser as much as I love getting lost deep in the desert, so I'll be the first to admit its probably over built for 80% of my travels. But I'm ok with that and am envious of the guys that can resist temptation and keep there rigs simple and just go for it, use the money for gas and just enjoy the adventures!

Putting a dollar amount on a build is hard, as it is usually more then just the receipts added up.

Good luck in your future build!:sombrero:


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Thanks, i really like this site. Im glad i found it. Mud and p4x4 have alot of good info but there so much its hard to sort through it all.

Do you solo All the time or do yo travel with other vehicles?

Overbuilt is always a good thing imo. Being prepared is what gets you out and saves you from a 10 mile walk hehe. Ive been there and done that in my earlier years.

This time around id like to bring along extra axles and driveshafts, belts etc.

Cant wait for.more pics. O btw i love the colors in your pics what type camera do you shoot with?


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That's what I'm talking about! As an avid cyclist, I'm intrigued by the bike rack... I'd have never guessed that you'd orient them that way, but I dig.
+1 Nice.

As for the rest of the thread, I'll pile on with compliments. Truck is looking very nice.

I'm curious about snorkels, though. In the mountain west (at least up high) I don't encounter enough water crossings to worry about submerging the breather. I always figured the snorkels would howl on the highway at any speed over 45 or so. Is that not the case?
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I do travel solo most of the time, so being self sufficient is a must.
My camera is a trusty Canon Rebel T1i with the 18-55 kit lens, it fits my photography skill level quit nicely, but I do long for another lens.

Thanks! The snorkel is for clean air and longer filter life more then deep water crossings for my build. Lots of dust in the desert. I haven't noticed an increase in noise with the snorkel, the roof rack seem to drown it out.


Just finished reading all about your build -- friggin awesome looking rig man! Nice mods you've done.

Also read your thread about the UT and CO trip, great photos thanks for sharing. I took notes!



Thanks for the kind words! I have kinda gotten behind with up dates, not a lot of new mods but some trip pictures and some how stuff is working notes I need to share.

I love your 1HD swap! One day...:sombrero:


Very nice 80! I simply love this color, and it seems like most agree. I also got side tracked with your trip reports and really enjoyed them. Keep up the great work, a very clean and well built LC!