My expo trailer build.

So I got tired of having to teardown camp every time I wanted to drive somewhere. So I decided to build an Expo trailer.
I started off with a 4x6 V nose cargo trailer. I added my Roadshower, built some cross mounts and mounted my RTT.
And seeing how I have to work this weekend and miss Expo West, I'll camp in the front yard with the kids.
Looks great! I'm considering a small trailer like this for my next build. What all goes in the trailer?
Thank you.
Today I packed in 1 large pelican case with all my RTT lighting and bug out gear, 1 large pelican case with RTT annex and folding camp tables, 1 med pelican case with all cook ware, small chuck box, RTIC 65 cooler, Cabela's camp kitchen, RTT rainfly and poles, 6' ladder and spare tire.
I still need to get some interior and exterior lighting, a six lux axle, 31" tires on Tacoma rims, aux battery, solar panel and inverter/charger, straps on the sides for kayaks and all the other goodies installed or loaded in.