My Discovery Reads my mind and its not happy.


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So this morning I was out in the front yard watering some new Plants we have put in while in quarantine. I was minding my on business and thinking about selling my LR3 and picking up an 06 Wrangler Unlimited that I have been looking at in the neighborhood. We I guess the Disco can read my mind because right at the moment the Alarm went off for no reason!!! I think she is pissed, I'm scared to go drive now. 😄

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@TexasTJ while your Disco does have enough computers to probably run a Russian Space Ship, none of them are nearly smart enough to read your mind. They're just extremely effective at wasting time, money, and your patience.
In terms of your alarm going off, I've got a $1 on it being your passenger side hood latch. Mine did the same thing for a while and I am 98% sure that is the cause.
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@TexasTJ while your Disco does have enough computers to probably run a Russian Space Ship, none of them are nearly smart enough to read your mind.
Well yes this I know, I just think it funny every time I think seriously about selling the money pit it will get a new problem. I will be cutting off the wires on the hood latches and closing the system like I did to my wife's LR3.
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Sell it to someone that can fix it instead of cutting it up in an attempt to circumvent the issues you can't handle.


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LOL @krick3tt I can FIX it, I have Rebuilt a couple of Rover 4.0's in my time. I'm just not going to pay to buy a new part for it when I can just twist the wire off (common fix). The Hood Latch alarm is a stupid anyway. I would rather use that $30 to go to the $300 on the Trans service kit. Its kind of beside the point that Every time I think about selling it the The truck brakes. Last fall I almost sold it and the thermostat housing started to leak (warped). Time before that the AC Compressor Locked up and took a bunch of stuff out. The Rover Gods know and they will Get you... When I'm happy with the truck and don't have anything on my mind about the selling the truck runs great. (and yes i know that the human brain looks for order in a random world)
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I just jammed a random bit of wire in the unplugged connector and covered the whole thing in electrical tape. Mine started doing it while on a trip on the trails around Grand Canyon, I would be hiking and hear my bloody car from inside the canyon.

I bought a new mechanism piece but never installed it, as the random wire was doing a fine job until the truck was written off in a accident.
I lost count on how many times I've heard @TexasTJ saying he was selling only to see the next post of him asking about a new mod for it.

Keep driving her man; you are attached like the rest of us, don't be afraid to stick with her!


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@Victory_Overland #truth

Right now I'm just tired of reading all the back and forth on the stupid new Defender. Much nicer on the Jeep forum reading about builds and travel. Victory and @Ray_G are the only folks talking about building and using there truck anymore, seams like every other Rover owner is just here to take a side on a truck that not even out yet... :sleep:
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Ahhhhh, there are lots of us out there still doing stuff. I'm just busting your bag; if you have a Jeep and an LR3 your truly have the best of both worlds IMO.

So true on the haters and thrashers on something that is stepping off to be something pretty awesome. Never can get used to the thought process of negative thoughts to see failure and not a "success mindset".