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They pretty much handle whatever you throw at them, don't they? And they do it forever and for very little investment.

Where were the pics taken, Southern Rockies? (Seems like the Sierras, but the Aspens make me think Rockies)


Yes sir. These bikes will just about take anything you throw at them. Went a few places that most wee owners wouldn't dare. You are also correct, that is the the Colorado Rockies.


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Thank you. it is an everlasting evolution. Next are lowered foot pegs and bar risers.
Aren't they all an everlasting evolution?

I have an 07 DL650 that I recently acquired, and I thought about getting lowered foot pegs, but on my KLR the brackets hung down below the frame so I removed them in fear of smacking them on rock or something. Do you see this being an issue for the Strom?


Yes I do. However the additional legroom outweighs the lower clearance. When in rocky or rutted terrain I am usually going slow and in 1st gear so I am already super cautious and the lower clearance is less of an issue.

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I've got one too- 2013. Just got back from a 2300 mile trip through central Nevada, about 400 miles on dirt roads, the bike did great. I love having a bike that you can cruise all day on the highway at 80 mph then bump along dirt roads all while carrying a bunch of camping gear and getting about 46 mpg.