My attempt at a Pop-up........It begins....


So, this is my first attempt at building a camper. My thanks for answers and inspiration from the magnificent build by GCecchetto. I have started with my floor pack. Using 3/4" Maple ply that has been biscuit joined at all joints, and I have some TotalBoat penetrating epoxy ready to go on as soon as the weather improves here in NorCal. I was pretty amazed to find that the measurement at the top was spot on with my bottom measurement, not even 1/16th off! First time using a biscuit joiner as well, how is it I never used one of these amazing things! Anyhow heres some pics of the start and I will update when I can seal this thing and start the aluminum fabrication and welding process.





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Looks like you're on your way. Look forward to seeing your progress.

PS: I love my PORTER-CABLE 557 7 Amp Plate Joiner

Very nice! Did you use the jointer on the right angles too, or just the bottom? I just bought an old 4 Wheel camper that needs a new floor pack. I have just finished gutting the interior, so floor pack removal is next. I'm planning on 2x3 framing under the plywood floor, as I need a couple inches elevation for the cabover. I'll be using cypress lumber which is very rot resistant on it's own.


Nice, the floor pack is the easiest part to build, I think I took two days to build it mostly to let glue dry. While I do have a joiner, when I built mine I didn't use it for any of the joints. For the flare out in the back of the camper I just put runners under the joints. 3/4" ACX for everything in the floor pack. Gorilla glue and staples at overlap joints and for the under floor runners and it has held up for now over 12 years without an issue. I doubt FWC uses a joiner, when I looked at one it seemed to have staples only holding the floor pack together.


Cool project. And you look to be off to a great start :ylsmoke:

Only one thing to add, about your biscuit jointed plywood.

When joining end grains of plywood (butt joints) , it is better practice to use a scarf joint.

Much stronger than a biscuit joint.


Thanks for all the input. I did join all the angles with biscuits as well. I read about the scarfing but decided to just go with biscuits, even though scarfing might be the better option. Sorry I haven't updated in a while its been pouring rain here the last 2 weeks and I couldn't find a good day to use the TotalBoat penetrating epoxy sealer until 2 days ago. I have sealed in before I went to work for 3 days to let it cure with the nice weather, and have top deck paint to apply to the bottom and the inside when I go home the day after tomorrow. I also purchased all my aluminum to start welding up the frame. That will take the largest chunk of time for me in these early phases I'm sure. I was able to get a close look at a Fourwheel camper the other day in the parking lot of my local grocery store and the owner was kind enough to let me get real close. I'm wondering if the trim they use around the roof edge is proprietary or just a common RV trim. Its the trim that is about 3 inches and covers the actual gap in the pop-up when its closed. Not looking to rip off anything, but it seems like the way to make it work. I was also fortunate enough to have my father in law offer me up any parts off his early 70's SixPac camper that has been rotting on his property for the last 20 years. Originally I had passed on the offer but after pricing camper jacks, even used, I asked if it had jacks and it did. I removed them and they are old Rieco Titan hydraulics, that actually still work perfectly fine, they just need some wire wheeling and paint. He also had a collapsing aluminum stair that mounts on the edge of the camper door as well, good find! Ill update when I start working on the aluminum!

Thanks again!

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Off to a really good start! It took me two damn months to get that far. Haha. I love to see people building. Enjoy.

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This is the trim I am inquiring about. The popup section is the part of this build that has me the most perplexed.