My 2016 frontier build and adventure thread!


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Thanks for the update. Very cool, It's nice to have a piece of land that you can spend quality time on. Twin lakes was great amazing photos, would like to with it this place! Amazing truck!! I think about buying wallwork Nissan truck, and after this post I want it's much more. Especially when I thought about trips. Thanks to you for you photos!!!


I had a similar tent setup on mine for a year or two and did really like it. It's a bit limited on overall storage space, but if you're a lightweight packer, it's more than good enough. I may have missed it, but are you using a tonneau cover at all? That was my original plan.


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yep ive got a tyger cover that works great with the Billie bars. It’s definitely a lot less space without the topper but it forces me to bring only what’s needed. So far space has not been an issue, still just working on organization.


I like the fact that it allows you to keep the weight down alot lower then it would with the Topper. Looks like a rocking setup WKexpedition.


Built, not bought!
Thanks! The lower center of gravity was a huge deciding factor being that this is a daily driver.

I also purchased some new rhino bars for the cab to mount the awning. Tested it out this past weekend and I love the setup. Slowly getting dialed in.



This is exactly the type of setup I'm trying to figure out on my rig right now. The real problem is finding a tent that has the right footprint. This looks to be it.

Are you able to keep bedding/sleeping bags/pillows in the tent when you pack it up? Have you had any issues with water ingress if you've had to fold it up wet or damp?