My 2001 Pathfinder (R50 ) mild/budget build


Bummer being in that position, but I totally get it. I don't drive mine much either...not for lack of interest, I just don't need to drive often enough (work from home, wife runs my errands during the day usually). I have an older Frontier 2wd that I rarely drive except for "truck" needs, and every now and I just want to find a 1st Gen CC SC 4wd Frontier, transfer my lockers to it, and sell the others.

Here's my thought: selling the truck as-is probably won't fetch what is an appreciated value, and even if you find the "right" buyer, you'll still be selling many things at a significant discount and will be nickel-and-dimed to the value of an unaltered truck anyway. Is it worth (or possible) restoring some items to a factory/stock condition in order to sell off the premium items separately? Pulling sliders (assuming not welded on), swapping OE bumpers and/or fender, wheels/tire for OE +cash swaps, pulling the lift, swapping diffs, etc. I feel like all those items will sell separately for respectable prices, but of course at some expense/labor to pull/swap them. Fortunately, most things are easier to remove than install. A stock vehicle just generally has more appeal, and the price basis is easier to negotiate...most people buying used just want transportation, not someone else's project (and I doubt many campers/off-roaders are going out of their way to find a built R50). I think it'll hurt a little mentally to undo all that's been done over the years, but consider it the "final" project that takes the truck full-circle and doesn't leave you feeling like all the work was done only to be sold at a discount later.

You've also still got access to a community in search of parts. Not sure if you've been on NPORA recently, but there's been a ton of chatter about bumpers lately. You shouldn't sell yourself short on those especially...there's absolutely a market for them. And not sure the logistics on this, but I tend to stash OE stuff (struts, springs, diffs, potentially wheels/tires) and might be able to help.


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All very good points that I need to consider. It's time vs. money vs. room etc.

I haven't been to NPORA in ages! seems like a lifetime ago when I was active even here but it's how I've always post college life was all about the track days and racing cars and then motorcycles and then offroading/camping so life goes on and I'm grateful I have been able to experience so many things in life...and I ain't done yet lol


So true about life rolling on but then again, I dialed it down for about 7-9 years while my kids grew up & then dove back in as a weekend/short trip toy instead of the real overlanding I used to do. If you live in a dry climate, it’ll keep.