My 2000 Honda Transalp


Hi! I figured out that I need to put my expeditionbike here also, I have a camper van and a rare Norwegian build Volvo L3314N trial rig.
This autumn I bought my first motorcycle.
Here in Norway the gasoline (and diesel) is pretty expensive so I decide that I needed a smaller, cheeper vehicle for my expeditions.
My Toyota works great, but with its fulltime fourwheeldrive a kind of thirsty for this trips when it's only me.
So I bought this 2000 Honda Transalp XL650V.
It have a top box with 12volt power outlet and Hepco & Becker hard panniers.
First thing I did was to mount my Garmin Gpsmap 60csx, now I have to made a powersupply for it.
Yepp, it's back to tent life, but I love it :bike_rider:


It's winter here now so not so much biking I'm afraid.

Here is a picture at home, waiting for some service parts from UK, needs a 36000km service now.

More pisc will come, suddenly. :bike_rider:


Long time since last update.
Since last time it got some extra accessories.

Steering bar riser from touratech, now I sit much better and can go longer before each stop.
Engine bars to protect engine and all that expensive plastic.
A pair LED extra driving lights for those dark nights here up north.

Some pics from a trip last summer.



Hi All.
Long time since last update but we have winter here now :coffee:

My bike is under a big update this spring because I'm planning the trip of my dreams :bike_rider:

I have these parts that I will fit these easter:

Pivot pegz
Touratech gear leveler with foldable tip
Touratech bashplate
Giantloop Fandango tank bag
Heidenau K60 Scout 90/90-21
Heidenau K60 Scout 130/80-17
IRC heavyduty tubes
Adventure Specs Magadan Panniers
A 60liter waterproof bag for my tent/sleepingbag and self air mattress
A pair of 10w driving LEDs

Other parts that's ready to go is
Extra clutch and brake lever.
Spot tracker
Extra lithium battery for spot tracker
Extra tube for front, can be used in rear if necessary.
Tube repair kit
Extra brake pads rear
Extra clutch wire
Toolkit w/tire levers
Buffalo ministation air and OTG cable to my Samsung Galaxy S3
Some sort of action camera
My panasonic Lumix camera + Canon camera
+ some clothes, shoes and so on.

The company i work for said they will sponsor me when they heard about my plans :wings:

Well where I'm I going you ask?
To make a short story long, or...

Last summer two crazy Norwegians from my district was on a "little trip" you can read about here: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=834987
The company I work for was one of their sponsors. You can see the name over the Norwegian flag on their bikes.

As a deal for the sponsoring they will come to my job and show some videos/tell from their trip.

A couple of days before one of the guys, Geir need some parts to his car and I helped him.
Then he asked me:"Hey, will you join our trip to Pechenga, Russia this summer? Pack your Transalp and come."
"Sure, sounds like fun" I replayed.
5 min after I was on Google maps and searched for Pechenga :)
Well I have to ride thru Sweden and Finland first, just to take the short route to Kirkenes, in Norway where I will meet Geir ++
That's about 2500 km, one way. So we will ride to Russia and kola. I'll guess a total of 6-7000km, in 3weeks

More updates will came both here and at adv rider forum.
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To day I have changed oil and filter.
Mounted Pivot pegz
Touratech gearlevel
Touratech bashplate
Giant loop fandango tank bag.
Mounted air temp gauge and voltmeter
and charged the battery + taken a (before season) service

Tomorrow I will try to do some more like find a way to mount my spot tracker.
Try fitting the soft panniers.
planning, planning, planning :)

I will wait with my new tubes and tyres a while so they are fresh before the big trip in August.


Long time since last update.
Yesterday I was out on my first offroad technique training with EtronX from last years Sibirsky Extreme as a coach.
It was very useful and fun day in the sand, only one mirror missing after a lot of crashes.
New doubletakemirrors is in order.
I also found out that with the original 15T front and 48T rear sprocket my bike is very hard to control when things must go slow, so a bigger rear and smaller front sprocket is in order.
I have a 16T front I will use on the highway, in combination with a new rear sprocket my higway rpm should be fine.
Some pics can be found on zen-mc facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.484751411580237.1073741826.178509592204422&type=1
You can also follow me on twitter: twitter.com/runryd


Nice bike, you should have years of great riding with that one. I have the '89 Transalp, 6590V, it has a whooping 10+K miles on it, not ridden much I know. Ride it!


About a month left to the big adventure, so the bike preparation is started.
I have changed bearings in frontwheel, a new heavyduty tube and Hedenau K60 scout tire (90/90-21)
I will also changes brakepads in front at same time.
The rear springs preload is adjusted since there will be many miles with extra (heavy) load.
When the front end was in the air I figured out that the steering bearings wasn't very good, so time to change.
A few photos from yesterdays garage time.
P1020725 (Small).JPG P1020727 (Small).JPG
P1020730 (Small).JPG P1020736 (Small).JPG
P1020742 (Small).JPG P1020744 (Small).JPG
P1020745 (Small).JPG P1020728 (Small).JPG


I come in Peace
Looks like it's coming together nicely. I wish the Transalp was in the US..

Tell me how you like the Pivot Pegz. I have them on my KLR and don't even notice them anymore, but when I ride my other bike I sure notice that I don't have them.


Now I'm home from this summers adventure.
A 2,5 weeks, 7400km trip from south Norway thru Sweden, Finland to North Cape and then to Russia, Finland, Sweden and home.
My Transalp was ok but a little too heavy and and a little too thirsty.
My pivot pegz was really nice too have, got a really good grip with my shoes all the time.
I will definitely go back too Russia, but next time with a lighter/smaller bike = more fun :)

Here are some pics :)

North Norway, Lakselv.
View attachment 189324

North Cape
View attachment 189325

Red pub Murmansk, Russia
View attachment 189326

White sea. Белое море
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Sweet bike! We don't get those in the US :( but my girlfriend and rented one in Peru and rode it for a week and loved it!