My 1st Conversion, 1997 Ford E-350 Type I Ambulance


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Hello Everyone!
My names Airrick. First thing, I’ll admit I’m quite long winded. So, I apologize beforehand incase this post becomes a novel. Me and my girlfriend are both younger adults. I am currently working on completing my bachelors online, my girlfriend is planning on returning school soon. We currently own our house and have a second property we use as a rental. However, both of discussed how life is going for us, and we decided while we are young, before any family tie downs, and everything else we wanted to travel. So, we decided we were going to do a conversion or buy and RV, rent out our house, continue school, continue our online side work and get going on the road.
So here we are a few months later. I recently purchased a 1997 Ford E-350 7.3L Type 1 Ambulance. The Interior seems to be from Collins Ambulance company (However, several calls to the company has kind of rubbed me that, they do not want to deal with 2nd owners, or possibly just non-emergency personnel.) It was a bit of an ambitious purchase, but our entire plan is a bit wild for us. I got it for a steal and it runs well. 120k miles, new tires, new batteries. Drove it 2 hours home no issue.

Our plan is outfit the Ambulance for a slightly larger version of #vanlife. We plan on boondocking quite often and hope to outfit the rig to go off grid for hopefully, 10-20 days at a time. While still providing the electrical needs for our school/work and other small daily appliances. We plan on a composting toilet. Propane for heat, cooking, and a small hot water heater. Possibly solar, but a large power bank that we can recharge from RV 30 amp is a must. If the budget allows, we will of course add solar.

Now with that behind said. I am not a carpenter, nor electrician, or plumber. I’d like to consider myself an intellectual, but I will admit that most of my personal home repairs don’t turn out quite as elegant as I had hoped, despite my meticulous nature and careful planning, this is definitely going to be a fun, frustrating few months ahead while I get this guy converted. Below is a video after I got it home. I will be posting newer pictures in the next day or two, as I have started doing a full gut and hope to be done in a few days.

Hope you guys stuck around and will check back in to help me out along the way!
WELCOME! Its a lot of fun and there are so many advantages to a traditional RV both in ruggedness and safety/quality. I am a few weeks ahead of you on my own build in case you want to peek in and get some ideas. Mine is intended for 2-4 day adventures 4x4'ing and a home base for the kids if the weather turns bad.

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