My 1976 HJ45 "expedition" build


Hi guys, figured I'd post a few pics of a 45 I'm building to haul family and friends (slowly) around in Colorado.

I'l post a few pictures of the truck the way it looked after I had it "refurbished". (read: all new body work, paint, weatherstripping, lights, etc) The truck has the H motor, 5 speed, split case and full floaters.

On the list of "to dos":
1. add roll cage with attached roof rack (lights and canvas top)
2. Add troop seats to cage with room for 3 per side (in the bed)
3. ARB air locker
4. Natl L Fridge
5. Dual batteries with Natl L isolator
6. CD/MP3, sub, etc
7. RAM mount GPS netbook loaded with Overland Navigator
8. 5# aluminum LP tank with Partner stove
9. (2) Zarges boxes
10. Ham/ CB
11. Warn 9k winch with all the Viking recovery gear
12. Upgrade chrome moly front axles
13. Air compressor (obviously for the lockers but with air tank for tires)
11. A few other goodies

I'l post a few pics as I go. (already have many things done so as time permits, I'll catch up here.



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Hi-lift jack mounted with alum billet clamps and LP tank.

:(:( Built the tank mount without reading the note on the label that says "transport only in upright position".OK, silly me; any experience here? Must they be mounted in the upright position? I had planned to remove the tank when in use, but, ....


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Wow! :Wow1: What a beautiful truck! It sure does make me miss my tan FJ40. The modifications you made are excellent, and it looks like a very fun and useful truck.


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I can see many things that need to be fixed or upgraded. You need to sell me this real cheap so I can show you what you missed:sombrero:

Great job!!


Holy crap I'm jealous.

Whoa, wait, I see that Javier did the work. Whereabouts in Houston are you located? I've seen one like yours around Katy.
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RU55EL, I'm in NW Houston and, at this point, haven't been to Katy in it.

fishy_frontier, the seat and back cushions are removable, I'll post some picture of the details (incl pics with cushions removed) as soon as I get some time.

OK....Photomike....20 bucks and it's yours, but you gotta follow through with that list!!

I'm taking it to our place in Colorado in a week and a half for a month of mountain camping...really looking forward to it!!!