My 160K Land Cruiser, Doing what she does best!!


Im getting old! :(
So this was pretty much a last minute trip with myself and a few buddies as I had a few weeks off in between jobs. Thankfully the stars aligned and we were a GO!!

We Left NW Arkansas without a care in the world, we had a solid week in Gods country and we were Stoked!!

12 Hours non-stop to Denver where we stayed with my good friends Brother, The next morning we were off to Slee. I Picked up one of my best friends (who happens to work at Slee) =] and we were off to a lunch break at Woody's Wood Fire Pizza in downtown Golden. (I swear they hard plumb the Coors beer directly into this place!!)

After that I installed a jerry can rack for the upcoming White Rim trail. Thanks to Slee, Jake, and Amory for the as always great hospitality..

(My buddy Russell always seem to slip in for the Pictures...)

After that we were off to Moab through the beautiful Colorado Mountains!!

Fuel, then more Fuel....

Finally, Moab and the WRT!!! (After a 3 AM arrival into the Moab KOA with a crazy sand storm and ZERO sleep, but that's another story.. )

First stop gooseneck Overlook. There are no words to describe the beauty!!

Sick of the bumpy ride it was time to air down, then pushing on to the White Crack Overlook.

Adult beverage cracked for the occasion!!

On to our first camp site reservation.. Murphy A night one, Labrynth B evening two...

Murphy A setup for the evening.


Im getting old! :(
The Next morning we awoke from a Great night sleep. A high protein breakfast and a Nalgene bottle shower and we were off..

A few good descents, and a little play time for the adults...

On toward the Green River!!

Playing in the Green River waiting on our other good friend to arrive..

Our good friend Bill arrived from the counterclockwise direction on the WRT for a exelent evening at Labrynth B. By far the most spectacular place I have even camped...

More to Come...
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Im getting old! :(
We woke from Labyrinth B camp to a Amazing morning. Another high Protein Diet and we were off back to Moab. We filled up, bought a few T-Shirts and found our way to Fins N Things...

A stop at Baby Lions back in a Must!!!

I'm a little glad for my Manhood's sake that the Big Lions back has been closed for some time.....

More to Come....
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Im getting old! :(
Reserved for the San Juan Report.....


We finally made it to the San Juans, by far my favorite place in the world. We arrived in Ouray around 6 or 7 PM after Moab with the intentions of finding a good camping spot outside of town but we were all exhausted.. We made the unanimous decision to try and find a last minute hotel. The drive through town wasn't looking good. Every single hotel/motel/ KOA had no vacancy's. Toward the south end of town we neared the Comfort Inn, I have stayed there many times in the past and it was always very nice, it is always one of my go to spots.. Once again the No Vacancy sign was lit up bright.. Being at the end of town and not sure where else to turn we sent our friend Russell in just to check or see if they had any leads on other places to stay.
By the good grace of God the Gal at the front desk was just getting off the phone with the one cancellation for the evening.. Say no more, we had it booked!! =]

We got cleaned up there (much needed) after three dudes had been in the desert, camping etc. LOL and we were off to O'Brians pub. (one of the best Beer Pubs in Ouray!)

We crashed that night with our bellies full of good food and beer, for a quick night sleep for a very full next day.....

We were at the Black Bear Pass trail head around 0800 Hrs.. It appeared that we may be the first on the trail for the day....

The beauty was once again out of this world, until you see this in person the pictures truly do not do the San Juans justice...

Amazing, still lots of snow in late July..

A little friend to greet us at the Black Bear Summit

And the Descent into Telluride starts

A few switchback were not for the faint of heart!!

Mine ruins everywhere

EASY on that drop off Bill!!

Bridal veil falls is truly a thing of beauty!

By far, the most spectacular Land Cruiser I have ever seen in Person... This thing was unreal sitting at the base of Black Bear. To whom ever owns this beauty, im utterly jealous... =]

In Telluride, looking back on the switchbacks.... Look close..

Second part of the day and on to the Alpine Loop coming up!!
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Sweet. Great pictures. Thanks for reminding what a great state I live in...looks like u had a wonderful visit! Glad u enjoyed Utah!


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Wonderful and mind blowing pictures.Really very adventures place to spend holidays.Really American South west is amazing and marvelous place to visit.


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Blackwater - do you have a build thread here or somewhere else on your LC that you can link to? I am planning out a purchase and build in the next few years. Thanks.

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