My 101A2, from start to 98% done


Yeah, I wound up buying 4 of them. Sold two and kept two. They are just too darn handy to get rid of. Plus, they aren’t making any more.

The last few A1’s that went through auction sold for $1650-$2700 after all fees were added in.
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I tried to upload a picture of my latest purchase. For some reason it says the file is too large. No dents, and everything is straight. After you listed the above auction prices I feel like I should drive back over there and give the guy some more money, Ha. Feel like I stole it.

My plan was to do a Timbren Axel swap and cut the hitch off like you did. Not sure how much weight I can cut by doing this but the axel, wheels, and brake system looks way over built and heavy.

My plan is to build an all aluminum "Pod" to slide into it. I want something I can crawl into, If I need to stealth camp for a night.