Multiple blue tooth devices?

So I've noticed in some youtube videos that people seem to be running multiple blue tooth devices off of one tablet. I think it was a @LifestyleOverland video where he was cycling through his tablet and had Gaia, Torque, and his music player all running off the same tablet. Am I that much a dinosaur that I didn't know you could do this now? What do I need to do to make it happen? I'd love to be able to run gaia, my delorme, torque, and my music all of my tablet.

This is the video

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Most tablets and phone just have the capability. It's built in, you just need to connect them all in the bluetooth menu and you're good to go.
However I do have some bluetooth devices that disconnect from the phone when other devices connect. Like a petulant child that doesn't play well with others.

Plus bluetooth in general can be glitchy. The data bus isn't made for super high traffic so multiple connected devices can be laggy if there is lots of data movement involved or large distances to be broadcast. And the battery drain increases with the more processing and wireless transmitting the device has to do.

My experience is particular are with a Nvidia Shield Tablet, and multiple Samsung S-series and Note-series phones. All of them have been able to connect to multiple bluetooth devices simultaneously.