multi-day catamaran?

I've decided I'm going to "re-fresh" a catamaran for multi day trips around the big AZ lakes, and occasional trips out to the ocean. It will need to be something easily single handed, travels well, and manageable for a day trip. I'm leaning heavily toward a hobie 16 or 18. I figure with my big dry bags and a good cooler strapped in tight i should have some enjoyable desert sailing. a tarp over the boom seems it would make a decent shelter and still allow good ventilation. Interested in thoughts, ideas and experience?


Have you looked at the 17s? They are single handlers, plus they have wings and trapeze, so that is much fun. Cockpit is a bit more cramped, however, so that might not work as well for overnights.
Check out this guy on YouTube:

He does a lot of overnight camping in the Keys on a Hobie Getaway. I bought a Hobie 16 a couple of years ago and traded to a Getaway because I have two kids and a lot of nieces and nephews. Also run a 2.3hp Honda otboard as a backup. The double tramps and wings make for LOTS of room.
I had a Hobie 16 years buddy and I sailed the piss out of that thing. Very fun boats that are easy to tow and set-up. Sadly, many of the old-school Hobies have
been left to rot in the sun. Hopefully you can find a sweet one someone has taken care of (and stored indoors).

Have you given any thought to a similiar sized monohull daysailer?