Moving my ARB Air Compressor?


Climbing Nerd
I am thinking about moving my ARB air compressor out from under my hood so I can add a s-pod and clean up my wiring. Any Ideas where would be a good location? I was thinking about inside the TR4x4 rear bumper or even making battery clamp for it and storing it under the rear seat.



Interesting collection of mud/dust you have there, not good for compressors. Mine is a Viair and I keep it in an ammo can in the back of the LR. It has battery clamps to attach it for power.


Climbing Nerd
I had a Viair on my old truck, as for the Dust, I don't wash trucks I will Detail the inside and I will hose of mud but I don't really see a reason to detail the exterior of a Car.
Put it in the back interior where the OEM jack is. Run heavy gauge wire as to not drop voltage on the way back but the odds are, the amount you are using it, not going to be a factor to keep it in the cabin.

You could also modify it and make it a portable like the Viair and put it in a Pelican case on clips for the battery. Since you'll have the SPod, wiring should be a breeze in the cabin either way.